We will start placing advertisements on and We have about 1,000 pages of content, ads appear on every page in the right column. For your information, all links are rel=”nofollow”. Google has a very strong policy against buying / selling followed links, so we don’t do it. If you are buying or selling followed links – Google could remove your site from indexing at any time. Your trust and authority could go out the window. We don’t buy or sell followed links.

Over the past year we have had 462,053 pageviews. We expect 2011-2012 pageviews to increase.

Placement type:


Size and Cost for Graphics Banners*:

Width x Height

125 x 125 – 750 THB/mth. (4,500 THB per 6 months / 8,000 THB per year – save 1,000 THB)
250 x 125 – 1,200 THB/mth. (7,200 THB per 6 months / 13,000 THB per year – save 1,400 THB)
250 x 250 – 1,950 THB/mth. (11,750 THB per 6 months / 21,000 THB per year – save 2,500 THB)

* Ads are placed with a minimum of six month contract.

Ads are shown in the right side column on all site pages (1,000 pages).

If you have another size banner that you’d like to place, write and explain where you would like the banner to be placed and we’ll give you a quote. If you would like text links – write and let us know on which pages and where exactly you would like the link, and what you would like it to say.

For all inquiries, contact

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