8 Year Old Boy Abducted, Sold for Sex at Store in Pattaya

Wow, why is this stuff always happening in Pattaya? Is this where the sick farkers all go for vacation? I thought it was Cambodia… have things become too tough in Cambodia in Soi Kindergarten and now Pattaya is going to become the next Phnom Phen?

Anyone want to give me 40,000 baht per month and I’ll spend 12 hours per day finding the assmonkeys that like to do this kind of stuff? Seriously, I’ll go.



And it got so quiet that you could hear a pin drop… oh no, wait, that was a the buckle on a little boy’s pants falling to the floor…

Nobody really cares about this stuff…

8 Year Old Boy abducted and sold to Foreigners for sex in South Pattaya.

On 28th October, Khun Natarigar aged 39 made a report at Pattaya Police Station which stated that she had lost her 8 year old Son at the Carrefour Shopping Center. Since then she has been frantically searching the streets of Pattaya for him and in the early hours of Tuesday Morning, she spotted her Son in Soi Sunee Plaza in South Pattaya. The boy was with an older man and thanks to a quick response by Police, the man was arrested and the boy was returned to his Mother. At Pattaya Police Station, Khun Yotsapon aged 24 explained that he abducted the boy at Carrefour and then took him to Soi Sunee Plaza and sold the boy to foreigners. The boy was given 100 Baht every time he went with a customer. Police are now searching for the foreigners who engaged in sexual activities with the Boy and Khun Yotsapon is now behind bars on various charges relating to the case.

Alleged Pedophile in Thailand: As Much Info as I can Find

As you probably know, CHRISTOPHER PAUL NEIL, or “CHRIS”, a Canadian guy from British Columbia, and ex-minister, was recently identified through a photo that he had tried to alter with a typical function in a photoshop type program. The algorithm was simple reversed and authorities were able to get this half-decent photo of him.

He was in Korea for 3 years before moving to Thailand.

I will list as much info as I can find about him since all of Thailand is on alert. I’m guessing he’ll take the suicide option, but who knows? Maybe he thinks his chances in jail are better?

His email: cpasianeil@hotmail.com

Here is a link to his google cached myspace profile >

Here is as much info as I can grab from it since it will be offline shortly – he cancelled the account. Go figure.

His profile:
Been kicking around Asia for the past five years, teaching mainly and finding other forms of mischief. I like writing and am currently trying my hand at poetry…I may feel obliged to post some pieces here. All criticism is wanted and encouraged…I want to get better. I love teaching, can’t get enough of it really. Enjoy drama, musicals and when in Korea you’ll find me in the Norae Bang (Song room) on many occassions…can’t say I sound very good but it’s all fun.

A poem he wrote:
I’ve got to get out of myself
Free this slave, endure this trial no more
I am running as fast as I can
My only hope is to let this go
Be alone
Escape this entrapment
The circle is getting smaller
The tunnel narrower
Flexing on with a string
Tied amidst my waist
Holding on to a desperate feeling
Enslaved love
Forgotten reality
Bitter estrangement
Lonely entanglement…

Here is something he posted at Dave’s ESL cafe about one of his students…

I wonder if they treat Thais the same way. They told me Thais don’t need visas for 3 month stays. I am starting to think it is hopeless…

Thanks Yu Bum suk….

I have a student: Yu Suk Me…d …”
Here is the home page of the school he taught with in Korea > He taught 7th and 8th grade.

He posted on Dave’s ESL cafe as ‘Peter Jackson’. Here is a list of all his posts at DAVE’s

Here are his blogs:

October 20, 2005 – Thursday

Oh my DOG!!!

DOG darnit!!

Just had a feast of dog….and copious amounts of rice wine…

Apparently I misunderstood my driver when he invited me for some beers. “Sure!”, I said with conviction. The word dog didn’t register over the roar of the motorcycle engine.

So we sit down at the venue. I had treated my driver to beers the night before. He chose a rather expensive (by Vietnam standards) seafood joint and I had my fill of exquisite scallops and other assorted specimens of the sea. The beer was flowing also. It was all needed after a day of barely working…

So I guess he planned to repay me this fine evening. I wasn’t sure if he would be paying but I kind of guessed it since he invited. He stopped by to pick up some ricey, boozey concoction from a friend and we sped off.

The restaurant looked like any other. My supposed acute nose must have betrayed me this night; I had no idea of the delectible treats that awaited me. It was dog. If I didn’t believe my driver’s gapped-toothed smile, the cartoon drawing of pooches on the menu card sealed the deal. I was in for a treat..

At first I was appalled and a bit afraid. I had managed to live three years in Korea having never even come close to sinking my teeth into man’s best friend. I had always prided myself on my resolve. I did try to inisist that I couldn’t partake this evening….all in vain.

I swallowed my fear (and any other misgivings) and…

It didn’t taste bad. Almost like lamb…more kept on coming…dog of every variety.

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September 13, 2005 – Tuesday

Something silly…

Farang for breakfast, farang for tea

I long to be your coffee break

Yourmidnightsnack, your brief dessert

Could I be your evening meal

Or sit with you at half-past two?

I could be your ATM

Your boon companion

Your dear best friend

I could be penciled in at3:00

Or scheduled in just after tea

Just give me something, darling, dear

I’ll even take a Singha beer!

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I’ve got to get out of myself

Free this slave, endure this trial no more

I am running as fast as I can

My only hope is to let this go

Be alone

Escape this entrapment

The circle is getting smaller

The tunnel narrower

Flexing on with a string

Tied amidst my waist

Holding on to a desperate feeling

Enslaved love

Forgotten reality

Bitter estrangement

Lonely entanglement

But did I ever care before?

So why do I strive to now?

Forgetting myself but not for a good way

Leaving my thoughts abandoned to perish in the putrid sewer-stench sois

As they curve and wind their deceiving way through my scarcely beating heart

Offering up their riches clad in the cloak of perished decency

Cloning for me a mirror-imperfect image of what I try to pass off as love

And just as another distant heart slowly beats next to mine

Only thoughts of lack of self and lack of sense show me up one more time

To wallow in this banged-up room, bruising me slowly, blow by blow

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Stuff from my trip…

At the crossroads

Look at street sign love

And that way lust

Not knowing

Which one I was longing for

On the corner


The same lonely decrepit soul

As before

This time a conundrum

For there was one

Sporting the glasses

Soft voice politely urging

The others

Pretty as made-up cheery trees

Blossoming falsely on a sordid-sewer hot day

They beckon also

Theirs causing a slightly sharper warmth

Down in my nether land

But the bespectacled tall, thin anomaly

Uniquely led me

“Follow the spectacle path!”

I obliged

Leaving pure lust for another night

Should boredom set in.

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September 12, 2005 – Monday

In Laos…

I’m in Laos right now….will be taking the “Beer Bus” from hell on Thursday. It’s only $5 US to the border, then it’s some cowboy style ride the the Nam side. Should be fun…thought i’d post some stuff I’ve written in the past few weeks…

Jen…how’s the battle going? Actually I’ve jumped on that wagon if you’re still aboard….Day 2 for me after a few untoward adventures with Beer Lao. That stuff must truly be the worst swill on the planet!!

Spending far beyond my means as always and I’ve met someone…still working that one out. New territory for me and it may be heading toward the “L” word…..(no Jen, not THAT word). Kinda scary cause I didn’t come for this…

I’ll post a few pictures here. Feel free to have a gander..and check out the blogs below…


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August 16, 2005 – Tuesday



I remember envelopes bursting with money
children bursting with laughter
and bellies bursting with liquor

I can name Curtis and Justin and Brian
And a frizzled haired Egyptian named Mary
OB Lager by the keg-full, stumbling home

I can see trees and mountains on good days
Smell the street scents, so tempting yet revolting
Upchuck by the bucketful, friendly Seoul

I watch the sky at night from a rickety old rooftop paradise, a parody
Lying there, bottles tumbling, beer spilling, Ajumma in a night gown swearing
All this for a moment of time the perfect white god conquest, I am free

But I watched Fate smile and nod her ugly head as my rooftop makeshift throne
came crashing down upon me with a chuckle
A hacking, heel-wearing vixen cackling as my legs bucked below me

Now time collided with my heels, stopping, forcing me to lie
Upon some other foreign shore alone except a nameless, faceless whore
Who shared my sand, my life, my shame, enroute to die

I shared this spot before with Wilma, so we called her, the sand-formed beauty
My friend created so gingerly and God, did she look pretty
But my eyes fixed elsewhere, upon the shirtless urchin who for 10 baht sold his life

And dear friend whiskey was always there to greet me
To lead me alone along a guarded path, past Wilma’s sweet embrace and there, at last
I swam up to my thighs, heading home, to some familiar place, now way past saving face

Yet I wondered, Heineken in hand, had God created this loathsome beach
And all the trench dwellers who stake their claim so happily upon its sand?
Then the urchin’s smile, alone in my mind, showed a pity and a love, divine.

Here is an article where his family urges him to surrender:

Family urges B.C. man to surrender in international pedophile case

Last Updated: Tuesday, October 16, 2007 | 2:15 PM ET
CBC News
The brother of the lead suspect in an international pedophile investigation says his B.C.-based family is “in shock” and hopes the former seminary student will surrender to police.

Interpol released this photograph of Christopher Paul Neil, which was taken at the Bangkok International Airport last Thursday.
(Interpol/Thai immigration authorities/Associated Press) International police believe they are closing in on Christopher Paul Neil, 32, formerly of Maple Ridge, B.C., who was working as an English teacher in South Korea.

They allege he is the man that police have been seeking worldwide for three years, since photos first surfaced on the internet showing a man with his face disguised by a digital swirl  sexually abusing underage Asian boys. Some of those photos were released to the public last week.

Matthew Neil, 30, the suspect’s younger brother, said the family found out about the accusations last week after the RCMP contacted them to identify photos.

“My mother is devastated and the family is in shock,” Matthew Neil said from the family home in Maple Ridge. “We’re co-operating with RCMP and Interpol. We’re hoping this comes to a quick close.”

Matthew Neil said his brother likely knows he will be extradited to Canada and he hopes his brother will surrender. He said his brother has worked overseas as a teacher for about five years, but the family has had no contact with him since he left for South Korea in August.

Not recommended for priesthood
Christopher Neil attended Christ the King Seminary in Mission, B.C., said Rev. Nicholas Ruh, the school’s rector. But he said Neil was not recommended for the priesthood, and he instead chose to go into teaching.

“He just did not have the qualifications as a person,” said Ruh, who said he could not confirm when Neil attended the school, but estimated it was more than five years ago.

‘He seemed a little awkward, but certainly not reclusive. He did make a lot of friends when he was here, and he remained a constant part of our social circle.’
Amy Bowler, who met Neil through a website used by English teachers in South KoreaAmy Bowler, who met Neil through a website used by her and other English teachers in South Korea, told CBC News she believed Neil was teaching at a public middle school or high school near the city of Yongin.

When the photographs were released by police, several of his friends in South Korea contacted Interpol, said Bowler, but she believed Neil was not actually the man police were seeking, only someone who looks like the suspect.

Interpol investigation leads to Thailand
Ron Noble, Interpol’s secretary general, confirmed Tuesday that police believe Neil is the man in the photographs, which were unscrambled by police computer experts in Germany. They recreated the man’s image, then released four photos last week.

This photo, which was posted on the internet, was one of a number that had been digitally swirled to hide the identity of a man shown sexually assaulting young boys.

Interpol alleges that the man was pictured in Vietnam and Cambodia sexually abusing 12 young boys, ranging in age from six to their early teens, in about 200 photos posted on the internet.

Security cameras showed Neil arriving last Thursday afternoon at the Bangkok International Airport on a flight from Seoul and he is believed to still be there, Thai police said.

“I have no doubt that he left Korea when he saw himself on the internet,” said Mick Moran, the Interpol agent in charge of the case.

Moran, who arrived in Bangkok over the weekend to co-ordinate the search, appealed to the suspect to surrender “to have the matter sorted out in a reasonable and adult manner.”

In neighbouring Vietnam and Cambodia, all officers at international border crossings are on the lookout for the suspect.

“I know the Thai authorities, that all the countries in this region ” Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand ” I know they have all been alerted, they’re all on alert and they all have border controls in place in an effort to spot the movements of this man,” said Moran in Bangkok.

No official arrest warrant has been issued for the man, Moran told CBC News, adding that the agency is working with several countries ” including Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Canada. “For the moment, we simply wish to speak to him,” he said.

Det. Sgt. Kim Scanlan of the Toronto police child exploitation unit said Neil will be extradited to Canada once he’s arrested.

“The paperwork has been put in place for that to happen,” Scanlan said. “We have travel and sex offender offences so he’ll be prosecuted in Canada.”

Photos got ‘extraordinary’ response: Interpol
The photos released by police show a Caucasian man with short brown hair. In one photo, he is wearing glasses.

Police computer experts in Germany unscrambled the photo and recreated the image of the man, which Interpol alleges is Christopher Paul Neil, formerly of Maple Ridge, B.C.
The rare global appeal to try to find a suspected pedophile netted more than 350 tips from around the world, Interpol’s secretary general said.

Five of those tips identified the suspect as Neil, Noble said.

He called it “extraordinary” that within a week, the international police agency went from releasing unscrambled photos of an unidentified suspect to releasing his believed name and nationality.

He said prosecuting the suspect would be complex.

Another article:

PHNOM PENH (Reuters) – Cambodian police said on Tuesday a suspected serial pedophile being hunted by Interpol across Asia was a Canadian national called Christopher Paul Neil, born in 1975.

Keo Vanthan, deputy director of Interpol offices in the impoverished Southeast Asian nation, said Neil had visited Cambodia before leaving for Vietnam, but had no further details.

“We have issued an alert to all our international borders,” Keo Vanthan told Reuters, although he added that Cambodia did not yet have enough evidence against Neil to issue an arrest warrant.

Interpol said on Monday the suspect, code-named “Vico”, was believed to have fled to Thailand last week from South Korea where he had been teaching English.

Investigators have been trying for three years to track down the man after German police discovered the first of 200 photographs on the Internet in which he was shown abusing 12 young boys in Vietnam and Cambodia.

His face was disguised with a swirly digital pattern, but experts at Germany’s BKA federal crime office managed to unscramble it.

The cleaned-up images, showing a white man with receding black hair, were posted on Interpol’s Web site www.interpol.int a week ago.

On Monday, the police organization released an image of the suspect taken by security cameras at Bangkok airport last Thursday after he flew in from Seoul. He looks significantly older and balder.

Here is a link for a page with LOTS of information on this guy >

Victim of Sexual Assault Victimized A-G-A-I-N at Police Station

There are some simple things that we take as common sense in America, but that for some reason don’t make it to other developing nations for years and years afterward.

I’m talking about this…

Photos of Sexual Assault Victim >

This lady was sexually assaulted by a taxi driver and then she’s forced to sit next to this ass at the police station. Her body language says it all in the one photo of him with his chair turned toward her and the girl’s chair and whole body turned away from the guy at the police desk.


Burma’s Ruling Military needs to Fall

Where in the world is the USA when there are overt, on camera human rights violations… killings? The US prefers to wage wars on the basis of intelligence that is hidden from the rest of the world – and in some cases, perhaps doesn’t even exist (weapons of mass destruction in Iraq)… If the USA is going to police the world – it can go to Burma too – yes? No oil in Burma? Shite! Ok, leave them to themselves then… they’ll get it sorted out…

Burma’s controlling military needs to fall or be helped to fall. How long would it take to topple them and let the people rule? 20 minutes tops. The people are irate… if they let this uprising die down and gradually “mai bpen rai” it like Thais’ might – they might not get another chance for a long time…

Here are some YouTube videos that show the recent violence against monks, foreign journalists, and anyone that happened to be in the streets.

Search youtube “burma violence” and you should get just about everything they have. Some links are not embeddable – which means that you can only see them at Youtube – so, if you have a chance go take a look.

Sick stuff…

Is Theft in Thailand a Big Problem?

Breaking lock, theft in Thailand

Is Theft in Thailand a Big Problem?

When I first arrived I had heard that theft was something not to really worry about as the Thais’ were not a “thieving people” on the whole. I accepted that – not having heard any bad stories when I first arrived in Ubon Ratchathani. These are a few instances of thefts I experienced and other friends and co-workers over the almost 3 years I’ve been here.

The first thing I had stolen was after being in Thailand about 2 months and was a white motorbike helmet at the Big C in Ubon. I hadn’t locked my helmet under the seat as I was told it didn’t matter – that nobody ever stole helmets.

I was shocked at first, but then I chalked it up to someone mistaking mine for theirs. I give the benefit of the doubt once in a while.

The second theft I experienced in Thailand was a white motorbike helmet at the Big C in Ubon. Hmm… That’s strange, do I detect a pattern here? I wanted a white helmet because I thought maybe they’re a little bit cooler when the sun is frying everyone’s head that is wearing darker colored motorbike helmets. I bought another white one after that helmet was stolen and I started to lock the helmet to the motorbike under the seat.

The third theft I experienced was a white motorbike helmet outside a 7-11 where I just didn’t think to lock it because I’d only be in there for a few minutes. My bad.

The fourth theft I heard of was of a co-worker who was sleeping in her house (upstairs) when someone entered the house on the ground floor and took her mobile phone and some cash, but left the purse.

The fifth theft I heard of was the same thing – two girls staying in a house and sleeping when their mobile phones and purses were taken out of their bedrooms as they slept.

The sixth theft I had happen to me… As I was teaching at a private school somebody removed one of the plastic plates on my Honda Nova 2-stroke engine and removed the electric ignition system (a black box that costs 1500baht plus if you get one new.) I am sure it was some of my students in my Mathyom 3 class who were always dicking around and getting smacked on the head with my dry-erase markers. One of them the son of the woman in charge of the English program there.

The seventh and eighth thefts happened as my motorbike was parked at the home I rented. This home was surrounded by students that were attending Rajabhat and technical college. They were very poor and for some reason there is a hot market for my ignition in that Honda Nova because that thing was stolen 3 times. Eventually, after the 3rd theft I had someone hide the ignition in a different than usual position on the motorbike and anchor it with 4 bolts in a case that was attached to the frame.

The ninth theft I experienced was a white motorbike helmet at the sports park in Surat Thani. Apparently I had forgotten to lock it – though I can’t honestly remember if I did or didn’t.

The tenth theft that I heard of was of a friend’s wallet. She was riding in Ubon Ratchathani and two guys – kids under 18 years old, pulled up beside her at the red light. Just as the light turned green they reached into the front of her basket and took her wallet.

The eleventh theft I heard of from a friend was of her mobile phone being taken out of her backpack while she was someplace that really SHOULD be more secure… a BANK.

The twelfth theft I experienced was when my… WHITE MOTORBIKE HELMET was stolen from my motorbike at the sports park in Sisaket as I was running. I was lax and didn’t think to lock it as there was nobody around except the guards at their little hut just 25 meters away from the motorbike. Did the guards do it? Oh by the way, I now have a red motorbike helmet…

The thirteenth theft I heard about was from a friend that was going to open her own food cart in town. She had teamed up with her friend from long ago that agreed to work part time on the cart when my friend had to do other things like take care of her children. My friend invited this old friend to her shack where they lived and my friend’s mother lived too. They ate and relived old times… The next day the “old friend” came back to the shack and talked to the old grandmother (75+) and asked her to get something for her that was in an out of the way place in the back. As grandmother did so, this old friend went into the sleeping area of my friend’s shack and stole the 7000 baht that she was going to use to start her food cart business.

I was shocked! How could she do that to her friend from grade school and high school? They were like sisters…

The fourteenth theft I heard of was from a friend that works at a hotel. She worked with a Thai guy, about 28 years old that was very friendly and it appeared, trustworthy. He would help everyone when he could and was always smiling.

This guy had a plan… On the day before he quit the job (and coincidentally maybe?) on the last day of the month when he was paid for a month of work… he borrowed the maid’s personal cell phone saying that he really needed it for one day because he was expecting an important call and his own phone was in the shop to be fixed.

Almost 20 minutes later he asked the same thing of the security guard that worked there – can he borrow the phone for just one day because he has an emergency call coming!

This guy did not return to work for the next 15 days, and only recently they’ve written him off as probably not returning! This guy left a bottle full of piss under his bed too – seems he was pee shy to use the restroom in the common area of the free apartment they provided for him to stay in while he worked at this hotel.

Theft of camera bag through open window
So, is there a theft problem in Thailand? Yeah, there is. Will you hear about if from the Thai people? Not really. I find that they don’t talk about it much. You’ll need to ask to hear anything.
I think Thais’ don’t talk about societal problems much. That’s been my experience. Not sure how other expats see it.

I haven’t even talked about the 3 thefts that have taken me for over 250,000 Thai baht since arriving in 2004! Why? I’ve hinted at 2 of them in past blogs, but recently there was another. These are high-level theives that have extorted money from me. It’s best to be completely above board here in Thailand because as soon as you do something that’s “iffy” you might face a lot of grief in the future over it. I have.

So – how about you? Have you experienced any kind of theft here in Thailand? Heard about any Thai people using the trust of their friends and co-workers to rip someone off?

Koh Samui Murder, Australian Man’s Son with Thai Wife (early this morning)

Here's a really sick story out of Thairath newspaper.

A boy 5, years old was slammed against a marble table, cut across the throat with a knife, and then had his heart pierced through with the knife and is now dead.

This happened at the house of the parents, an Australian man and his Thai wife, 30 years old, who is a nurse.

The Thai woman had her throat cut and is in serious condition at the hospital.

No property was taken.  It is suspected that it was the Thai boyfriend of this woman, prior to her meeting the Australian man and having a baby with her.


Man, that sucks.

Pattaya Thai Beach Chair Renter Loses Face, 2 Tourists Killed?

This is a disturbing story out of Pattaya’s Jomtien beach in Thailand… (below)

I don’t have an opinion on what probably happened, I’m not going to speculate what likely happened… but, it’s pretty disturbing and maybe part of a trend recently if it really was an act of revenge for the Thai man losing face over an argument about beach chairs. A guy that runs a beach chair service on the beach is a businessman. He’s out there everyday interacting with tourists that have money to burn so to speak.

Tourists in Pattaya come from all parts of the globe. They spend money on nice hotels, girls, guys and elephants. Some of the local people – guys that drive tuk-tuks, guys that rent beach chairs out for a small sum of money must have a certain resentment that builds up over time when dealing with so many foreigners, many of which are not kind… they don’t typically display the “map pen rai” attitude that the Thais’ have become accustomed to…

With the prevalence of internet use – information is shared among ALL now. Maybe it used to be that only repeat visitors really knew the prices charged for things… the bottom-line value on things like a tuk-tuk ride, beach chair, kilo of mangoes… But now – EVERYONE KNOWS the value of things in Thailand. So many tourists are “edu-micated” as Jethro from the Beverly Hillbillies would have said… There’s not a lot getting past tourists now – they know the value of goods and services in Thailand. They don’t want to pay anymore than anyone else is paying. Tourists that come on a budget, or those that are especially cash-conscious can see their visit to Thailand turned into a stressful event because they are haggling over every 5 baht difference.

A Thai man that is running a business in Thailand has some pride. Even a beach chair rental guy. He’s worked in the same place, or around the same location for a number of years. Maybe he raised his kids there. He has friends there. He has a wife there. He has a reputation. He is in his own country and doing things the Thai way. Maybe he has some frustration that builds up over the years. He watches tourists come and spend more money during one week than he might make in 6 months. He sees them wear diamonds, gold, fashionable clothes… they treat themselves to the best in Thailand – because they can. To them, he thinks, 5 baht is nothing… not worth a thought. But he’s wrong…

To a Thai it might appear that this is the way tourists would be expected to think… to act… like 5 baht isn’t worth half a piss. But, in truth I know some people that can get enraged over a 5 baht slight especially when they are trying not to be “cheated” like when dealing with Thais’ that create prices on the fly… sometimes a tourist gets something for 20 baht. The next tourist – 25 baht. The next is a local, she gets it for 15 baht. The next is a guy the Thai can tell has just stepped off the plane. He is asked for 50 baht.

It’s a market economy. I really believe personally that people should pay what they agree to pay – whatever makes sense to them – and if it’s 5 baht higher than what someone else pays – that’s life. Next time in your mind you know that you too want to pay 5 baht less because you saw someone else get it for that. Your opinion changes. But, if you bought it the first time for 5 baht higher – then you agreed that it was worth it to you – or, you wouldn’t have bought it.

Oh yea, I’m frustrated if I hear that someone got something for less than I did. But I don’t give it another thought until I go and need the good or service again – then I want the lowest price I’ve heard about someone getting.

Buying rambutan for instance. My girlfriend can go and buy a kilogram for 20 baht like we did last night – with me sitting there on the motorbike in front of the guy as he gives her the price. There is no price on the fruit itself. He chooses the price. He added 5 baht from what he usually charges – because she told me he charged her 15 baht before. She wouldn’t tell me this before she bought because then it becomes an issue to me. But, afterward – mai pen rai – he made 5 more baht. I don’t cry over it. There are other reasons for fluctuations in price from day to day. The supply of rambutan here in the south fluctuates as the days go… Sometimes a guy might have a truckload. He might let them go for 10 baht per kilo. In 2 days he might be down to his last few and maybe others close in proximity to where this guy sells his rambutan don’t have many either. The prices go up.

Or, maybe the truck is nearly empty and the guy is anxious to go get another full truck of them because the next truckfull will be of the finest rambutans of the whole season. He might give you 2 kilos for 10 baht.

Buying CDROMS might be the same. Maybe the one YOU want is one that the guy doesn’t have any more of – and he sells the hell outta them. Maybe he wants 5 baht more because the demand is higher. He knows he’ll get 5 baht more from someone even if it’s not you. Why should he give it to you for 5 baht less than he could make. He’s sucking betelnut for energy, not you. You can pay 5 baht more for something you want, and if you don’t find it WORTH the extra 5 baht – don’t buy it – just go away and be happy knowing you wouldn’t pay more than it was worth to you.

Tourist attitude sucks here most times.

A guy in Pattaya on Beach road was beaten to death a little over a year ago for arguing iwth a guy about returning a music CD that didn’t work in his CD player. The CD seller didn’t take returns. Never did. Most Thai places DON’T. Never did.

This guy started yelling at the guy selling them. He was jumped by a bunch of Thais’ who beat him senseless. I think he died- though my memory of the article might be flawed… I’m pretty sure he died from it.

Over 100 baht?

How long does it take you to make 100 baht in your country? A few minutes? An hour at the very most.

This guy died for less than what it took him to make in an hour of work.

Thais’ don’t play around for certain things. Loss of face is one. You really, really need to understand the concept of face before coming here, or shortly upon arrival. There is no concept more important to you as a visitor. Get into a traffic accident and cause someone to lose face, or get drunk in a bar and cause someone to lose face… yell at a beach chair rental guy because you think he’s trying to charge you 50 more baht than is “fair”.

I’m not at all sure what happened with the two girls that were shot to death on Jomtien beach, but I’m not at all surprised if it does end up to have happened because the beach chair rental guy lost face in his home country, on his home street, surrounded by his friends, co-workers, and family…

I wouldn’t be surprised at all… I don’t agree that it’s something that SHOULD happen in Thailand – but I’m not the one writing up moral standards of behavior for the Thai people either.

I just know that the REALITY of living here shows us that Thais’ kill for things other than what foreigners kill over sometimes. The level of embarrassment one might feel during an argument for a foreigner and a Thai might be (must be) entirely different. For some Thais’ it is a catastrophic blow… a loss of face so great that only killing the offender makes it right…

Remember that next time you ride in a tuk-tuk, rent a motorbike, get into an accident, get drunk at a bar, hit on someone’s girlfriend, argue with a bargirl over what is owed to her at the end of the night, and in EVERY situation you find yourself in Thailand.

Thai loses face, tourists killed

Story below

Two Russian women killed in Pattaya


Two Russian female tourists were shot and killed in a popular tourist beach resort about 100 kilometres south-east of Bangkok early Saturday, police said.

The 30- and 25-year-old women were shot by an unidentified gunman on a beach in Jomtien which is just south of the popular tourist resort town Pattaya at around 5 a.m.

Witnesses said they heard gun shots, then saw a Thai man flee the area on a motorcycle. The two women, who were staying in a nearby resort, were found dead next to beach chairs on the beach, police said.

Police found an empty Coca-Cola can, an almost empty alcoholic beverage, female shoes and a mobile phone at the scene.

Police initially suspected that the women, who checked in at the Dragon Beach Resort Hotel last Friday and planned to check out early March, were killed because of some conflict of interest in the sex business.

But officers say a local beach chair concessionaire is a possible suspect, because witnesses saw the Russian tourists quarreling with him earlier.

The press attache of the Russian Embassy in Thailand, Alexey Bulkin, confirmed Saturday the murder of two Russian women, who arrived at the Dragon Beach Resort hotel on February 16, and said an embassy official had been sent to the resort to monitor the ongoing police investigation.

Pattaya and Jomtien to its south are popular beach towns that have seen an increased number of Russian tourists in recent years.

ATM Card Theft in Thailand

There are more farangs that suck here in Thailand than you can shake a stick at…

I was going to write about something else today, but I saw two articles today about this and I’ve heard other stories about it – so – I’ll write about it today… ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) use in Thailand

First I was reading The NATION blogs section this morning – online – seems my broadband internet connection is working again – could they really have fixed that internet cable under the ocean in Hong Kong THAT quickly?

I’m up to dial up speeds of 7 Kbps – dial up speed in the USA and I’m paying for 1 mbps – 1000 baht per month – but oh well, at least I’m ON today.

ATM card theft in Thailand

So, I see a story about a guy that had his ATM card info stolen in Bangkok. Farang guy I guess because the article is in English. He had 60,000 baht stolen in one day – and was lucky to have checked it – using online banking access… The bank at first only offered to reimburse him 50%!!! The LAW is 100% and eventually they agreed to it.

This guy has no idea when they ripped his card and password – so – it must have been pretty stealthy. In the USA we have it at gas station pumps – they install something in the pump close to the credit card/ATM bank card pay slot – and it records the information from the cards somehow. Don’t know how they get the passwords – unless it’s written into the magnetic strip also – but that’d be dumb.

I see in the Pattaya paper something about 2 french guys getting nailed for stealing a guy’s credit card – they were caught – and with them they had a machine that reads the ATM or credit card magnetic strip information… French Nationals steal ATM card from German guy >

I think that Thailand – as well as everywhere else, must be full of guys like this that do this for a living. I’m afraid to use any cards online – and my computer has 2 virus scanners, updated virus definitions daily, and a firewall that lets me block whatever outgoing or incoming internet traffic I don’t want. I have Windows XP pro that’s updated with the latest updates. And STILL I’m afraid.

Then I read something like this – that makes me fear having money in my bank account here! What if I couldn’t prove that it wasn’t me making the withdrawals? I’d eat it! That’s what.

Half the banks here don’t have video to watch the ATM withdrawals. Isn’t that right? I read that somewhere AND I’ve looked and not seen a camera ANYWHERE on the ATMs at time here.

Not too comforting. But neither is keeping cash in my house. My latest strategy is limit each account to 20,000 baht. Anyone have any good ideas for keeping safe from this kind of fraud?