Teacher Fired for Blogging in Bangkok

Teacher fired in Bangkok for blogging about things unrelated to her job.

Rather than repeat the story and steal her thunder, I’ll just point you over to her blog. She is a Filipina girl that just got her first job in Bangkok and was quickly fired from it after her employer read some of her blog posts.

The firing had NOTHING to do with her performance at work, but the fear that she would write in-depth posts about her workplace in the FUTURE. Not even the present – the fear of it for the future…

So, here is her story, her writing is absolutely incredible. Her command of the language is admirable and the way she presents things is just how I like to see it… I could read her blog all day!

See if you like it…

Oh, she’s also looking for work obviously, so if you have a writing job or maybe a teaching job for her that’d be great!

Iris is on Fire >

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Sunday Night Violence in Southern Provinces: 27 BOMBS!

Wow, I missed this until Tuesday night, and I’d already posted a couple things online at the site – didn’t want to clutter it up and have nobody see this. But, it runs the risk of being another 12 hours out of date if I wait until Wednesday morning…

Sunday was a day from hell in the Southern provinces…

27 bombs went off

16 arson cases

3 shootings

5 tire traps laid with spikes in them to stop cars.

53 injuries

7 persons died

Then, there’s something from a General who “fears attacks may come to Bangkok”…

paraphrased from BKK post

First Region Army commander Prayuth Chan-ocha condemned southern insurgents responsible for the Sunday night bombings and arson attacks in the deep South, saying that they “attack people from behind.”

Lt-Gen Prayuth said the attacks caused him to worry about possible attacks in the central region, especially in Bangkok.

The concern was shared by Council for National Security chairman Sonthi Boonyaratkalin, who told security agencies to watch out for possible attacks during the Songkran festival in April.

Lt-Gen Prayuth added that there were still gaps in cooperation between soldiers and police, which cause tracking down of suspects to be slower.

He added that the army would step up security measures at locations where arms and weapons were stored to prevent insurgents from breaking in and stealing the weapons.



They’re going to step up security measures at locations where arms and weapons were stored to prevent insurgents from breaking in and stealing the weapons?

Have they done that in the past?

I am so amazed at what makes it into the Thai newspapers and on television. The things in bold above are things that I really can’t believe were said.

It’s like this country is being run by a bunch of clowns. Is this what the Thais’ like to hear – does this make them feel better that they’re going to step up security at the ammo depots so the insurgents don’t try to break in and steal some weapons?

They’re using arson, simple pistols and rifles, and bombs. Why would they need to break into a secured area to reveal who they are and risk being shot at? That’s a high profile risk they don’t need to take. They have weapons. They have fire. Cavemen had fire! They have bombs that are detonated by cell-phones. Why do they need to break in somewhere to steal ammo and weapons?

Thailand is completely unprepared for anything going on in the south. They continue to let teachers, monks, government workers, and children die in the streets in ambushes, arson, bombings, and being set on fire while alive.

They have made serious errors of judgement in the past, and are making more daily – mostly by ignoring what is going on. When was the last major effort that we heard about? What happened? It’s all ignored so the Junta and others in positions of power can save face.

I wrote something else about how to solve the problem of the south in another post, I’ll provide a link to it below. It’s a half-hearted attempt to show that if Thailand got tough, really tough, and also really realistic – they could solve the problem or 95% of the problem in about 30 days.

Thailand doesn’t CARE about the South – a plan for resolving the Southern Thailand crises >

Another short article about violence in Thailand’s Southern provinces

Southern Thailand Violence >

Thailand Cautions

Thailand cautions

Many times a guy will say the girl looked “old enough” and we all know what that means. Maybe she was and maybe she wasn’t. Old enough here is 18. I think there are many young girls in the business that are 16 and 17 with fake IDs.

If you care then check the ID.

Phnom Penh is known to be a more dangerous place than Thailand. The people are on edge. There are MANY guys with guns. Girls too? There are frequent shootings and people murdered over jealousy, bad business decisions, stupidity and everything else. I’ve considered dropping
in there to see what all the fuss is about but so far I’ve stayed away and been quite safe for my 2 years in Thailand. I’ve had my MOMENTS – which are a future post or two away… but for the most part, safe as a kitten.

I believe the only way farangs REALLY get into danger here in Thailand is to bring it on themselves. Yes, one can bring it on his self by being ignorant of how to act here – and that is a BIG cause of Thai on Farang violence here. Eliminate the ignorance and see how much better we all get along.


“Girls” with short humerus bones. This is a trick that a guy that owns a bunch of bars in Patong has told me about. He said that the way he can tell a ladyboy if it’s not all that obvious is the way they stand. Women have a longer humerus bone – upper arm bone. Guys naturally (genetically) have a shorter one. See how odd it is when you see a girl with a short humerus, it’s like maybe she has down’s syndrome or something. It’s just not in our make-up to be attracted to short ones. I don’t know why. Cavemen never understood

So – ladyboys know this fact of biology. They know that they have a short one. They attempt to compensate by standing sideways with their elbow on their hip – like a girl can do more naturally because not only is her humerus longer, but the distance from her hips to her shoulders is shorter than the average guy – and girls can do it rather easily for the most part.

Ladyboys look VERY ODD when attempting to do this maneuver. LOOK FOR IT!

Anyway – that’s my notecard for today.

I’m not sure how these are going over. I made more than 60 of them now and I’ve published about 8 of them, but not one comment yet. I’ll post the rest and see if anyone is into them, if not, I’ll stop.

I think it’s going to be a case of some hit you and some don’t. Like any joke.

Thailand Forums Rant: I got dumber today…

Let me get this out in the open… my brilliance shows itself in only two areas:

1. I can see the big picture. I can see things as they are happening and contributing to the big picture… I can predict with quite a lot of accuracy the events that will happen – especially if they are negative and directed toward me.

2. I am attached to nearly nothing. This is brilliant because if something happens – I’m rolling with the change it brings. I meditated over the course of a year and effectively lost attachment during that time. Some has come back – but very little and I am aware when it’s happening and I let it go. I love my girlfriend… but I realize, that I’ve love many women throughout my life… where are they now? I’m not attached to her either. I love my son… when his mom took him and moved away – I was shocked… hurt, I was attached for a long time… but you know – attachment to ANYTHING brings pain. I’m pretty much done with pain.

I reveal these two things about myself because I am at a total fuktong loss for what the new visa restrictions mean to me as a teacher in this country that is winding itself around the hairs and dingleberries in the bottom of my shower drain to keep from slipping down the drain.

I’ve read the ThaiVisa site – the forums… Forums themselves make NO good sense to me at all. WHO the hell can follow that and would prefer that method of getting information?

It’s in bits and pieces… It’s from the brilliant and idiots all at the same time – mixed together, it’s hard to figure out who is who.

In order to find information on the new visa requirements I’ve read about 650 posts spread out over 65 pages of Thaivisa forum…

Here’s what it’s like to attempt to get information out of an internet forum – ANY forum, I’m not just picking on ThaiVisa :

In order to read the 5 pages of good information where people are actually ANSWERING the topic and contributing something positive that will make me smarter… I had to read:

* 21 pages of personal comments and personal jokes between long-term Thaivisa forum expat regulars who sit at the computer all day and make themselves write 60 comments each day in the forums so they’re Username will show “GOD POSTER” “11,276 posts in this forum” or some silly label.

* 14 pages of forum members who think they’re contributing – but who are really just mucking up the topic… they’re asking new questions, they’re answering questions nobody is asking… they are bored and want to write something – maybe to get more posts by their username too – and whatever they’re saying can be disregarded by all.

* 25 pages of off comment topics – for instance, like when some jackazz decides to HIJACK a topic because there have been 38,444 “views” of the topic that relates to something important that EVERYONE is interested in and he wants people to see his post…

He says something like this…

“I was wondering about the garbage pickup in Udonthani… is anyone having problems since just last week?”

From there the whole post goes to hell for a long time until someone pulls it back on topic. The moderators don’t seem to do it “enough”… and so it’s a fuktong freeforall. Every topic with any meat ends up like this. Watch for it…

So – I got a little bit of information about the new visa regulations – but, many posts contradicted each other… the various immigration checkpoints in different countries where we do our visa runs contradict each other… some of them deny us entry, some require papers we’ve never heard of (police checks from a station in BKK??!!)

It’s understandable if some are confused. Since the site is CALLED ThaiVisa I thought it might be cleared up with a visit… but, I’m dumber from having gone. Can anyone point me to a write-up that is not a forum that defines exactly what the rules are?



Not too smart…

I made a video today about a bird not being too smart – and just realized – i made it come true about myself.

Driving back from getting a cooked chicken to go (on the motorbike) some guy passed between two of us motorbike riders with very little room,between us, not hitting us but very close… and revving the engine really loudly – and i figured he’s acting like a jackass… my VERY reserved girlfriend called him “crazy” as he passed

so – when he ground the gears very loudly i laughed almost as loud

and told my g/f that he just ground his motorbike gears up a lot…

well he heard me and turned around. he made a turn and then waited there watching me – staring at me to see who i am i guess… my girlfriend has told me that everyone can see that i’m farang – and that my face is totally different even with the helmet.

so – i looked at him too for a second – sizing him up. He was a skinny guy, maybe 20 something, longish hair.

Was he going to follow us? He stopped dead and made no effort to disguise that he was staring straight at me.

Realizing my girlfriend was on the back I turned my head and looked forward. That was my first thought, but then my second thought was, doesn’t matter ANYWAY. If I get into a fight with ANY Thai guy – I’m fighting 2, 3, or maybe 10 of them.

I drove past and kept looking back to see if he was following us.

We live in a small town and we were close to our house at the market. EVERYONE is aware where we live, or could find out very easily by asking a couple people…

Guess it’d be easy to burn the house down or something. Give me a club or machete to the back of the head as i’m riding the motorbike someday.

When I got home I started to think… maybe his motorbike really had a problem – and he was revving it just to keep it going – in hindsight .

I think that… and i think that he must have felt like, he lost face – in traffic – having to rev it to keep it going – and me laughing at him when he ground the gears.

I think i wasn’t the smart bird tonight- how ironic if this is what kills me. A laugh. A sarcastic laugh like i do so much and so well- it even translated across cultures… the anger in his eyes when he was staring makes me know that his anger won’t go away anytime soon.

Some alcohol or som ya-ba and he may come with a few of his friends to get into the house and give some payback. That would suck. I have little here to protect us with. a slide out metal club… a 4 inch knife with locking blade… a 3-piece screw together 3-pronged spear I brought from Hawaii

What else do i have? my smarts? when i’m stressed and in danger- i cant think -so that’s why i need to think now.

1st – what are the chances he’ll return tonight?

My thought process:

-it’s friday night.

– it’s easy to break in this house if someone wanted to. Sure we have bars all over every door and window – but, come on. What are they screwed into? the wood frame which would come right out of the wall if ran into by one or two guys.

Not to mention, they are screwed in – and all it would take is a screwdriver and a half hour to remove ANY of the bars cleanly and quietly.

– it’s easy to find where I live – could ask anyone.

– It’s easier for him to get drunk now because he’s pissed off as it is. Not that he needs any excuse. Thai guys don’t.

– he rode up the rode that I USUALLY ride up on the way home from the sports park where i run. I always ride there without a helmet. EVERYONE there knows me and probably which complex I live in.

Then, I go over the probability of things:

odds that he returns tonight – 60%

odds that if he doesn’t come tonight he comes tomorrow – 20%

odds that if he sees me sometime – and has friends- he’ll follow me or crash into me and his friends will beat me – 70%

Other extenuating or exacerbating factors…

I’m a farang – seen as rich…

jealousy… and losing face…

and upset already that he has this forshit motorbike that isn’t running well.

the odds might be higher.

i dont want to die in a street fight- really I don’t.

And yet, in America I wouldn’t feel any of this. Things are taken care of then and there. If this happened we’d have confronted each other and that would have been it.

Probably not fight about it, I might have even apologized because I know I shouldn’t laugh when I see people get what they deserve, – and yet, it just pops out sometimes on it’s own.

Fights in the military were fair. ALWAYS fair. One guy on one guy. I lost a couple at first but learned a couple things that almost never failed.

Thai guys are NOT good street fighters.

More thoughts…

options to stay alive over next couple weeks – months –

1. Move. Move into mansion or into place on other side of town.

2. Hire Muay Thai figher to protect me during day. Cost: 300b/day – 9000b month

3. Move now and go to a different school somewhere – this school is not being honest about work permit… not sure if i can even work after this term.

i gotta think – too stressed… wow.

bad bad bad move… dumber than a bird that can’t chirp to me correctly… :P

(update: I wrote this 2 weeks ago. I’ve layed low around here, chose not to move to a different place… I haven’t seen the guy yet but I’m not running at that park anymore either. This was a good excuse to lock myself in the house everynight and write my blogs. LOL. I stopped carrying around an extendable metal rod last week. Perhaps he’s forgotten. I haven’t. Still on alert…)

Driving in Thailand: Motorbike, Car, Trucks, GOD.

Driving in Thailand: Motorbike, car, trucks heirarchy

There is a pecking order on the roads…

Here is the order of rank as I’ve seen it

GOD is at the top and it goes downward from there…

Double Dump Trucks – GOD
Single Dump Trucks – GOD
VIP Buses – Think they are GOD, until faced with GOD
City Buses
Large privately owned trucks: Large Toyotas, Nissans, Mitsubishis, Fords
Smaller privately owned trucks
Vans – the Van taxis full of 12 foreigners going somewhere FAST.
Vans – all others
Large cars
Smaller cars
Large motorbikes – Harley Davidson copies from Honda or China no-name
3 Wheeled Motorbikes (cart attached that they sell from)
150cc Motorbikes – a bit larger than 125’s. More reclining forward postures
125cc to 100cc Motorbikes
Pedestrians old or young, no matter – they are the bottom. The roadkill if they aren’t careful.

99% of the time I travel in Thailand for the last year, has been by motorbike. I NEVER take a bus now. After 9 or so scary experiences on buses, the most recent having been on a chartered bus FULL of 14 and 15 year olds going and returning from English camp 250km away from our school, I got smart.

I would MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH rather die or become crippled from my own stupidity than someone elses.

Dying because a bus driver full of kids gets upset that he can’t follow the bus in front of him and makes aggressive passes when he can PLAINLY see oncoming traffic – but he jumps into that lane anyway and forces those oncoming cars off the road into the motorbike lane at the last second… is not going to happen to me.

I’m DONE with buses of all sorts.

I will take a motorbike over a bus any day.

I rode a 10 year old motorbike (Honda 125cc – 2 stroke TENA) from Pattaya all the way down to Surat Thani. I stopped between major cities. I think it was 1000km or so, I figured it out once, but I forget exactly.

Once you learn the rules of the road here in Thailand I don’t think it’s that unsafe driving a motorbike here – except the stupidity of other drivers that are for some reason acting against the usual rules.

Most everyone follows the usual rules. The usual rules are a bit hard to get used to, but once used to them it seems that riding the motorbike can be quite safe.

I’ve noticed a DRASTIC difference between riding in town in Ubon Ratchathani and riding here in Surat Thani in the South. In Ubon there were people that drove fast… and yet they did it in a way that was safer for everyone on the road. They went fast in the right lane which is for fast vehicles.

Here in Surat I’ve noticed the mentally deficient going 120kph on a motorbike BETWEEN me and the curb on the left side. In America, when I saw that jacka$$ at the stoplight ahead I would take the time to get in his face and perhaps beat him if it came to that. Someone that endandered me or me and my g/f while riding in a vehicle in America is going to hear it from me and probably get beat because they may not like what I have to say and give me an attitude about it.

HERE – what am I to do? Foreigners coming here to Thailand have to realize something quickly. The stuff that was done in your home country – beating some sillyfark because he just put your life in danger by being stupid – needs to be overlooked here. Mai pen rai.

My motto in the USA was – I am ALWAYS the winner.

Here – I have to revise it slightly… I am ALWAYS the loser.

In a fight, that is. There is NO WAY to WIN a fight here. Just forget the idea. Even if you win temporarily, they will return and you will probably die. If you run first – you’ll almost be the winner – but, by running and looking behind you – you are also a loser.

So – some kid flies by me and my girlfriend at 120 km per hour on my LEFT side just before I put on the blinker to make a left. It’s an enlightening experience. Death was that close. Yes, I”m certain it would have been death, or worse – permanently crippled and farked for the rest of our lives – or one of our lives.

I was enraged and immediately thought- I will kill this jacka$ before he kills someone else. As I drove on – and found him at the stop light something happened and…

I got smart.

Foreigners don’t WIN here in Thailand when fighting Thais or trying to impose our sense of right/wrong on them. We cannot. Give it up. Get smart or maybe die because you’re not smart.

Being smart is being smart for whatever situation you find yourself in. It’s being adaptable. It’s assimilating INTO the culture that you have joined, it is not expecting that culture to accomodate YOU.

So, as I pulled up behind this kid, my front tire a centimeter away from his back tire… and I realized he was about 18. He was small and I’d have beat him mercilessly for 10 minutes, maybe ending his life… I realized that if I DON’T then, in some small way, I can be a winner instead of a loser that needing to run away from any retribution that would follow.

So – I accepted right there at that moment, like my mom accepting her savior,

we’re all losers here.

Accept it and move on. If you can’t accept it – you won’t do well here.

There are lots of foreigners in the newspapers in Pattaya, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Samui, Phuket and other places all over Thailand that didn’t know that one truth: we are always losers.

They didn’t know when they were alive. They don’t know now either.

BUT, YOU KNOW and can change now.

When driving – you gotta know who is above you in the heirarchy. You have to know, not because YOU believe it, because in America I was taught that everyone has equal rights on the road, except pedestrians who have the MOST rights.

You have to know because when you hear a horn behind you – and it’s a motorbike horn – you’re probably doing something that scares them and may cause an accident if you don’t conform to usual Thai driving style. Whatever that is for that situation (you must know)

If you hear a horn from a car or truck – it usually means you are in the car lane and you need to move over because they want to go past you. It’s best to move.

If you hear a GOD horn it SHOULD send shivers up and down your spine and neck… because the GODs do NOT slow down, they just give a beep before they get to where you are – if you are not out of the way by the time they get to where you are, they are there anyway and you will die for not getting out of the way.

The GODs do not brake.
The GODs do NOT swerve.

Dumptrucks are not easily driven around motorbikes and cars and so they just go straight and don’t slow down or stop. ANYTHING that is in the way must move. Or die. This is GODs law.

That’s all – just some thoughts this morning…

Here is another article about Driving in Thailand article I wrote at my ThaiPulse.com web site. There are links on the page for Motorbike Riding Tips and General Driving in Thailand Tips also… Enjoy

How can you stay safe in Thailand?

You can start by getting Thailand Survival Guide 101.

Thai Black Book.

For a current state of the country – see the ultimate Thailand Guide – Thai Black Book – your guide to staying safe in Thailand

Thai Black Book information site- >

Thailand Roadkill… YOU! (Driving in Thailand)

As you travel Thailand and see all the wonderful
wildlife and soi-dogs that become grey mush roadkill
you might want to consider that a disproportionately
high number of farangs BECOME that roadkill here.

I don’t want to put you into a panic over getting into
an accident here in Thailand… but, if you do become
involved in one, you might end up as roadkill.

Frog roadkill could be YOU in Thailand

I heard ANOTHER story last night from a friend
about teaching at a university here in Surat. After
new years holiday break he had a class – and someone
was absent. He asked where the girl was… they said,
she had an accident on the motorbike over the New
Years… but she was alive and in the hospital…

Then the next class there was a boy missing… when
he asked where he was… he was dead. Motorbike
accident over New Years.

The class then told him that the boy and girl were
boyfriend and girlfriend. And then, they filled him in
on what happened…

Apparently one of the large dumptrucks that run
around here and blow their banshee horns cut them
off as they were riding their motorbike. It knocked
them off the bike and messed them up really good.

The truck driver, on seeing that they WEREN’T
dead then tried to back the truck overtop of them
to make SURE they WERE dead.

The boy and girl tried desperately to get out of the
way, and the boy ended up sacrificing his life for
his girlfriend because he pushed her far enough
out of the way that she lived…

the dumptruck STILL ran over her leg, crushing
it and later it needed to be amputated at the
knee… but the boy was killed right there, having
taken the full weight of a few of the wheels.
These trucks weigh 10 tons or so (empty).

There is some good news – there were witnesses
to this and so the guy ended up in prison over it.


It is NOT urban legend.

I have heard this not only DIRECTLY from 3
different people. But, there are articles in THE
NATION newspaper about it from time to time,
reminding people to get off the street if it
happens to you!

Last year there was an article that a BUS DRIVER
in Bangkok did the SAME THING! He then ran
away from the scene – but was later caught and
faced jail.

He tried this in BANGKOK in the CITY!

If you are in an accident of any sort,
and you are not at fault… or even maybe if you
are, you need to drag yourself to a safe place
and call someone, scream like you are crazy or
do anything to attract others’ attention.

People at fault in a motor vehicle accident
here may face a court case over it. If they
LOSE – they may have to pay the
person(s) injured over the REST OF

Apparently this is motivation and
justification ENOUGH for some people to
want to finish the job and kill someone
that they injured… End it all right there
– no worries for the future…

Mai Pen Rai Kuuuupppp…

Or, Bicycling!
Or, in your small car!

But, by all means – if you’ve got a big truck
you go ahead and do ANYTHING at all
you feel like doing because you’re
probably not going to die for doing it…

That is, unless you hear the sound of
DEATH itself… that farking banshee
horn going off behind you from one of
those YABA fueled 10 ton dump trucks.

Sawasdee Krup…

How can you stay safe in Thailand?

You can start by getting Thailand Survival Guide 101.

Thai Black Book.

For a current state of the country – see the ultimate Thailand Guide – Thai Black Book – your guide to staying safe in Thailand

Thai Black Book information site- >

Haircut Misadventures in Thailand…

Gay and Ladyboy Haircuts… Not sure why i always find the gay guys and ladyboys to cut my hair. It’s not on purpose.

The ULTIMATE Thai Ladyboys Guide >

I rarely need a haircut, usually I just cut it myself. Unless I’m going to shave it – to 1cm or or something – and then I go to somebody with clippers. I’m usually in a hurry when I do this – I never plan for getting a haircut like this – I just run out and start looking in hair places.

There are roughly 700 within the city limits here – as there are in EVERY Thai city big or small. Over 700 seems to be the minimum required. These 700 are not the SAME 700 that you’ll see over time… at any point there are 500 of these 700 that are in transition… either starting their business or closing it.

It must be EVERY Thai girl’s dream to have a hair cutting place. So, at some point in their lives, maybe during many times, they open a hairdressers. Most of them fail due to NO business sense at all. Some do OK. I don’t think ANY of them make bank.

In Ubon I was driving around looking for someone and I see this girl with long straight hair… tall… cutting a woman’s hair. There aren’t any lights on in the place, it’s open air- Thai hairdresser style and the girl looks great from the street. Of course i’m in the Thai sun and my pupils are PINPRICKS because it’s so bright… and in hindsight I guess I couldn’t see that well into the room.

I park the motorbike and go in. I tell the girl I want my head shaved. She has clippers – so – no worries. I sit down and I watch her. I watch every movement. She’s a girl. Beautiful hair. Beautiful face. Nose job. Small chest. Nice waist, very thin… nice full hips and thin – this girl is very thin. Her shoulders are just a HINT more wide than maybe a girls’ should be. She is strong, and yet, not muscular. She has long fingers and nails. She moves like a woman.

She speaks just like a woman but her voice is maybe, MAYBE just a bit deep and not a natural flowing sing-song woman’s voice by any means. I’m 2 meters away from this girl and I don’t know… girl or ladyboy?

So, the 1st customer is finished and I’m next. I sit down. I thought, when I’m THIS close I’ll know. I look at everything. I look in her eyes to see if she has that ladyboy look. Whatever I think that is. I look at her legs, stomach, fingers, elbows, neck, adams apple – none, distance from armpit to elbow – a friend that runs bars in Patong told me he can usually tell (usually) by the length of the girls upper arm. A man has a shorter elbow to armpit length. A girl has a longer one. Ladyboys know this and compensate by standing in a weird way with their elbows on their waist a lot. Other women in Thailand don’t. She looked normal in that respect too. I was at a loss.

She cut my hair and I left, still wondering. Now, over the next 6 months I CONTINUED to get my hair cut there. ONLY out of curiousity. Anybody could have shaved my head, but I looked forward to going there to see if today would be the day I figured it out! And THAT DAY NEVER CAME!

What that means, is that she WAS a ladyboy. If you can’t figure out for sure – the DEFAULT truth is that she was a ladyboy. Women here are women. You can TELL a woman. But, if you can’t tell if a woman is a man – over some time – then SHE IS.

Anyway… so – recently I’m in Krabi. A seaside town that is a quick boat trip to a nice out of the way beach called “Railay beach”.

My girlfriend and I decide I need my head shaved again. We start looking and soon find a street with about 6 hair places. Most are men. I don’t go there. I saw one shop with 2 women cutting hair. We stop and go in. FINALLY, women cutting hair. WOW. I’m psyched. I’m psyched, until I see them wait on people that are arriving AFTER we did – with no mention of – “they had an appointment” or something like that… We leave. We had waited 40 minutes and so I was pi$$ed and I thought, OK, forget it – let’s get a MAN to cut it. At least it’s NOT a ladyboy.

We go in – and there are two men cutting hair. They have surgical masks over their faces which doesn’t bother me at first. They don’t look gay. I get called into the 2nd chair… and then I see it –


At the same time this is hitting me, THEN my girlfriend RAMPS UP the HORROR by AMBUSHING ME WITH SOME SPONTANEOUS VIDEO shots of my haircut!

Gay Haircut Video (large 8.9mb)

Gay Haircut Video (small 4.5mb)


In the video I’m in the right side chair.

So here I am – in a 30 minute haircut with this gay guy that”s
spending WAY too much time manipulating where my head is and pulling my ear firmly but gently out of the way.. so he can make these PRECISION cuts on my head AFTER the clipper had already shaved it the way I wanted it, PLAIN.

Look at the video how he’s touching my head! LOOK at the pinky nail!!! DO I LIE? At :51 seconds in the video you can SEE the pinky nail very clearly on his left hand as he’s holding my head. I didn’t see the gay style cut coming… . Ithought he was going to just whack the sideburn area in a quick straight

NOPE, he was doing a stylish staircase look on the area above my sideburns! BASTARD! I started to SCREAM but it was too late – I caught my breath instead. Hopefully he didn’t think I was all worked up over him.

So, I sat there silently while he did the other side too – so at least I matched. That’s the only way society will accept me – gotta match. So – we high tailed it out of there – he put perfumy talc on me and started to massage my neck – and that’s when I said, OK PAW LEAO! (ENOUGH) and we payed him the
50 baht ($1.30 usd)
and left.

Today my hair has grown in a bit, I’m going to go out in a few minutes and see what I can find. I THINK I saw a girl that cuts hair by the house here. We’ll see… I’ll film it and post it at the thaipulse.com site in the video section if the cutter is gay or ladyboy.

Update – I actually had a GIRL cut my hair – I had to stop her before SHE also did the crazy staircase on the side of my head – but, PAW LEAO! worked and I bailed out quick.

Thai Culture: Nose and Teeth Picking in Thailand

Thai Culture: Picking nose and teeth
Picking your Nose and Teeth in Thailand

When I first arrived I saw people picking their noses – DEEP in their noses. Maybe
not as deep as this picture, which is a gross exaggeration, but – first knuckle pinky finger deep anyway.

Some are more ambitious, but there’s a reason besides wanting to play the guitar, that some Thai guys really invest in saving at least one long pinky nail…

Now, you can pick your nose in public, but do NOT pick your teeth in public because it’s “rude”.

One must cover the mouth when picking the teeth with a toothpick. I was shown the proper way by a friend that was concerned I was a heathen from America. Apparently she thought everyone did it the correct way – left hand over mouth – covering – and the right hand with toothpick doing the picking.

I adapted quickly to the teeth picking. That was easy enough. Perhaps we DO go about it that way in America – but I was living in Florida and most manners that have accumulated throughout the years – living in NY and Honolulu are gone within the first year or so… manners in florida evaporate away as one meshes with the populace.

The other picking – nose picking – I was naturally a bit thrown by. When I first saw it – I wondered, where do they put the booger… and then I saw – on the pants. Almost always on the pants or flicking it into the air – to the ground. That answered that.

It took me a few weeks… when I saw enough people doing it – young and old… high so people and people from the countryside… I jumped right in.

I now clean my nose with relish – (enjoyment) – at least twice each week.

I go knuckle deep and I’m usually smiling when I do it – the enjoyment is one thing, but the absurdity of it is also funny.