At school today I watched a couple teachers walk by the TV which always seems to be on. Apparently I’d missed the SUPERBOWL earlier in the day – but I’ve also missed the last 22 of them – so, no worries there. What was on at the moment though was something different.

What I noticed was that when this certain topic was playing on TV – EVERYONE stopped and looked at it. There wasn’t one person, teacher, admin, director, or child that didn’t stop to watch it.

This doesn’t happen for everything – just certain things. I began to think what those things were… I believe this list cuts through language and culture barriers as I saw people from the USA, Thailand, England, and Belgium stop and look at the TV for this one program.

5. If a LION or TIGER or Leopard is ripping something apart with it’s teeth and claws – in mid-stride NOBODY can turn away from that initially.

4. If Crocodile Hunter is doing something dangerous or ridiculous – you just CAN’T turn it off right away, you’ve gotta give him a few minutes to see how it turns out.

3. If a woman is having a BABY on TV and the head is crowning – nobody can look away.

2. If a girl is taking off her shirt – both men and women must look to see what all is going to be shown.

1. The most magnetic content that exists on television is what I saw everyone looking at today… live footage of a tornado not far from the cameraperson – it is one of the most awe-inspiring forces that we hope we never get to see close-up. Lighting would be another.

Youtube Video of lightening striking close-by

Youtube video of a tornado

These things are RIVETING man, I just spent 35 minutes watching a bunch on youtube!

If you’re in Thailand though, you’re not likely to see many of either of these. However, in Ubon Ratchathani once I was looking out my upstairs window at a pretty violent rainstorm and I saw lightening hit about 60 feet away. Nothing like Tampa, Florida where I was before this – lightening hit VERY close 3 times and within sight many times over the 10 years I was there.

Author: Vern

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