Electric F-1 Racing?

I’d like to see these electric cars start their own F-1 races. Look at how badly this electric car dusts the Ferrari and Porsche. Sure it’s got 1,000 lbs less weight (at least), but F-1 races would be ridiculously fast I think using some souped-up electric cars – yes? Or are they already as fast as this?

This looks like some guy’s garage car project. Probably the electric cars could be made crazy fast. I’ve seen an electric motorcycle that was really quick…

Wait a second… you know what? It wouldn’t work. Part of the attraction of F-1 is that the engines are SCREAMING at high revs… how much would an electric car scream? Hmmm. Ok, nevermind.

(I found movie due to Shawn Rill’s post on Facebook.)

Author: Vern

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