Why do Americans read Personal Development Blogs?

My girlfriend asked me an interesting question… I had just expounded on my plans for the AimforAwesome.com blog – a new template and logo… branding… focus… and she is so incredibly helpful with anything internet that it blows me away everytime I ask for her opinion on things. She intuitively KNOWS what works from a visual and user standpoint. How does she know? I haven’t the slightest idea.

I have been working online since 1997 when I decided that psychological counseling wasn’t for me. I was the counselor – not the counselee as some of you are thinking.

I learned DOS, and then quickly jumped headfirst into break-fix and got a bunch of Microsoft certifications. Since 1998 I’ve been seriously involved in all aspects of online marketing, sales, optimization and things.

I think I know a lot of stuff. But, everytime i run something by my girlfriend she disagrees with my view and usually – 85% of the time, she is correct and I go with her opinion.


So, we’re sitting at an outdoor shop eating khao tom moo – and she asks me, “Why do people read personal development blogs?”

Huh? It hit from left field as it’s just a natural thing that Americans do. We want to improve the quality of our life… we’re unhappy on the inside – most of us. We’re sick of life in the way it exists. We want that elusive happiness that we’re always told about – but that in truth only exists inside us when we change what we think we need.

As I thought about it – wow… Thais don’t need this. They don’t need cheered up. They aren’t insecure about what they ‘are’ as people.

They are basically happy with their lives – whatever they’re doing. I saw it as unambitious before. Now I see it as normal. American’s are so damn worked up about achievement and getting more than we have that we’re missing the whole point of life. It’s here… it’s passing by… this IS the game. The game isn’t later when we’re making 200K per year usd. THIS is the game and this is life. If you’re not happy now you won’t be happy later.

Get happy now.

It was a great morning and has been all day since she said that…

Author: Vern

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5 thoughts on “Why do Americans read Personal Development Blogs?”

  1. these comments are typical of western guilt tripping, i.e., we’re rich so we we’re bad, they’re poor so they’re good. we’re materialistic but they’re not. we corrupted them, as if they were not already corrupted before we got there. we think too much, as if thinking and moralizing were a bad thing. actually, it’s part of the great conversation that helps give reason and truth to our humanity and what it means to exist among others. sadly, modern thailand is a morally, spiritually bankrupt place where anything goes and cash is king. thais don’t write or read blogs because thais generally don’t read or write and they’re hardly reflective people. true, foreign influence and westernization have done their damage, but contemporary thai society in general leaves much to be desired, and there are thai critics who are quick to point that out. please stop bashing the western mind for being reflective and intellectual. most, if not all of you guys are in thailand for 3 main reasons: girls, girls, girls!

    1. Im serioulsy going to get away from american culture, never felt it was the true way of living.

      My native american indian (or Soux origin) was thrown in jail for life and had his children taken from him. (with very little to no actual evidence he should have been). In usa if you open your eyes you will plainly see the federal government in bed with local police and judges. … I thought it stopped there but actually “leaders” in USA seam to all have Nepamistic (sp*, sorry its 3 am) ties. keep the poor poor and the rich rich.

      I think ill take my chances in thailand. (though its not really a risk when i relate to these ppl so much more)

      I have never been very flow about the USA, time to get out before the iron wall raises.

  2. MJ – I don’t know about that – an elimination process in Thailand. In Thailand EVERYONE passes every grade if they just show up to class. Even if they don’t – some of them. Thailand is not serious about education. At least not in the way America is – but, that’s all I know unfortunately. I’m speaking of high school mostly but I think I can generalize it to include a lot of universities away from Bangkok.

    Anyone teach university that can comment? Vern

  3. Vern, my friend Michael Turton writes about the education system in Taiwan, which, from the limited exposure that i have had, suspect is a lot like other Asian countries, . in the West, the education system is one of enhancement, where the students are elevated by the education. in the East, education is an elimination process, to weed out those who don’t conform. all you have to do is look at the education system and see the mindless memorization and testing of information that is to be immediately forgotten and you know it for what it is. it’s not surprising that someone who went through a system like that would not consider education to be enhancement, and thus might not appreciate further education along those lines.

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