Another Thailand Tourist Acting the Ass…

I love reading the Pattaya City News online – they have the greatest stories coming out of there relating to Thailand's tourists. 

The story that caught my eye this morning was this:

Apparently this idiot thinks like many farangs that come here – all the girls in Thailand are available as sex toys.  Free to grope as you like and without consequences.

I think this guy had other issues, as apparently he has a peg-leg on his right side if you look in the upper left hand side picture at that site.

In the 4 days I played Songkran in Pattaya this year I saw nobody else – Thai or farang, grab a girl sexually. 

Now, I CANNOT say that about the Katoeys… I was groped and flashed numerous times!  Why is it OK for them to do it? 

Anyway, another Songkran under the belt and less than 500 deaths this year… good times… good times….

Author: Vern

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One thought on “Another Thailand Tourist Acting the Ass…”

  1. Perhaps it’s not OK for the ladyboys to grab people. I read somewhere that the police arrested 100 ladyboys for bothering tourists.

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