BeerLao Available in Phuket Makro?

Beerlao Lager and Beerlao Dark Beers from Laos
BeerLao - God's Nectar... by the case at Makro - Phuket?

It looks like BeerLao has been sitting right under my nose – and who knows for how long….?

I was reading the Phuket Gazette and they had an article about BeerLao Dark going for 60 baht per bottle – and some farang – obviously on a severe budget thought it was too much -and was whining about it. $2 for a 21 ounce bottle of God’s FINEST beer, and he’s complaining???

So a guy from Makro Phuket answered the guy’s post – and said it costs more to import, blah, blah. The important thing is – it looks like BeerLao is available in Phuket at Makro. If this wasn’t reason enough to face the horrorshow drive there – I can’t think what else might be. Gotta pick a nice calm day for it. No Thai holidays. Not the weekend… not arriving at rush hour or lunch hour.

Can anyone confirm? Is BeerLao available in Phuket Makro? Tesco? Big C? Any place we can buy by the case? I’ll fill my car up with the stuff – and I don’t drink much, but I think I could start…

Beerlao image from -presumably with creative commons license.

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2 thoughts on “BeerLao Available in Phuket Makro?”

  1. Yes Beer Lao is available in Phuket Makro. Though, I do not remember seeing the Dark.

    1. Thanks David! How cool is THAT??! I’ll be making a trip down there then. Hope there are some recent cases… cheers for the info man…

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