Pedophiles in Patong Beach? LOS Tots Network: Secret crimes? Secret retribution., (New Book)

A new book is on the Thailand market called,

Thailand’s Sickest.

It’s a vigilante thriller about a guy that stumbles upon a pedophile network based in Patong Beach, Thailand and goes about dismantling it… trying not to get killed in the process.

It’s a fun book, here’s an excerpt from the author’s site:

Dr. Justin Baker, a psychologist moves to Thailand at the urging of his brother for some rest and relaxation. During the tsunami of 2004 he stumbles across a dead pedophile with a backpack full of color photos of the sickest pornographic child content he’s ever seen. Also in the bag with the photos is a 75 digit code he eventually cracks. He finds the pedophile’s site, is teeming with sick pedophiles from all over the planet, many of them based right there in Patong Beach, Thailand.

After cracking the code to login to, Dr. Baker struggles to eliminate as many pedophile members of the LOS Tots Network as possible before they destroy the server or spread the word amongst themselves that the network has been compromised.

Author: Vern

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3 thoughts on “Pedophiles in Patong Beach? LOS Tots Network: Secret crimes? Secret retribution., (New Book)”

    1. Right – it’s not a pro-ped book! In fact, it’s my violent reaction to what pisses me off to an extreme degree. I worked with kids that were abused by their fathers, stepfathers… I met pedophiles and had to interact with them. I began writing this book back then – in 1993 I think it was. I wish I had the motivation to go through and really make this an amazing book – knock out 30,000 words or so – but, hard to find publishers for anything with ped in it – even anti-ped stories. So – oh well – will be a freebie… Thanks for commenting there MJ!

  1. Don’t you think it is in bad taste to make a joke regarding this issue? This is just the way Farangs are, isn’t it?

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