Spencer at DharmaThai.com: Flickr is for YOUR Images, Not Mine

I guess Spencer from DharmaThai.com reads this blog, he took a photo from it and called it his own in his “Thailand Snakes” set on Flickr.

You know, I’m an easy-going guy usually. This take first, ask permission later shit doesn’t fly with me all that well though.

Spencer, if you read this… you really shouldn’t claim my photo as your own… when you upload a photo to Flickr it asks if you own the photo. You don’t. You provided no attribution for my photo either.

Get with the program skippy, your Dharma is one thing, but your karma is going to come back and nip you in the ass.

If you need a reminder where you got the image, it was either here: My original cave snake post > or here: Thailand Snakes site, Ridley Racer >

He puts his http://siamfoundation.org/snakes-thailand/ site as the credit for my photo on my Flickr image… which back at that site references the Flickr set “Thailand Snakes”. Nice, huh?

Here’s what I found:

Content theft.

So, not sure what happened but I saw no contact page – with email on Flickr, DharmaThai, or SiamFoundation.  So maybe he’ll see it here and do the right thing.

Flickr provides a place to report people that post images as their own – when they’re not but I’m not interested in prosecuting people for dumb things they do. It’d be nice if he either removed the photo or provide attribution in the way of a title on the image, “ThaiPulse.com/blog”.

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