Spending time thinking about things that can’t be known…

I was thinking… how much time do we spend thinking about things that CAN’T be known? Too damn much. In fact, ANY
time spent thinking about the following is wasted time:

– God

– What is the point of life?
– What happens after death
– How you’ll die
– Why a person thinks as they do
– If I have free will or not
– If there are aliens watching us
– Do animals have feelings

For myself, I’ve spent hundreds of hours thinking about god and who it is… what it is… why it is… where it is… and
what good, if any, it is… I even started an online e-book about what a jackass god is…

There went hundreds (probably THOUSANDS of wasted hours that might have been better spent. If a god exists
we are out of touch with it. Or, we can’t touch it – sense it enough to realistically believe in it, though some still do.

Objective proof doesn’t exist about god. Stories are full of inaccuracy. Voices in your head telling you things… that
some call “talking to god” is seen by mental health pro-fessionals as abnormal. My mom calls good voices in
your head – god, and bad ones – an evil spirit that is trying to have it’s way with you.

Who knows – certainly not me so I don’t spend anymore time thinking about god, spirits, ghosts, ufos, aliens, death,
or 50 other things people waste their time thinking about daily. WHAT”S the point?


Author: Vern

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