Suicide for Pedophile? God, I hope not!

Suicide for Pedophile in Udon, Thailand
German child-sex suspect in Thai jail commits suicide

A 64-year-old German man arrested on child sex charges this week committed suicide in the Thai jail where he was in solitary confinement, police said Thursday.

Helmut Nehls, from the German town of Zeppernick, was found dead early Wednesday in his cell in the northeastern Thai town of Udon Thani, police said.

Nehls was arrested Saturday and charged with having sex with girls under the age of 13, a crime punishable by life in prison, police said.

He had lived in Thailand for 15 years and had been paying very poor parents or abandoned children up to 4,000 baht (about 110 dollars) for young girls to spend weekends with him, police said.

Neighbours had complained about his suspicious behaviour and when police searched his home, they said they found pornograhic materials.

Nehls had stuffed his socks in his mouth, smashed his eyeglasses and used the shards to cut his wrists, police Captain Jirapong Singhasuriya said.

“The cause of death was not from cutting his veins with the glass, but could have been suffocation because he had stuffed his socks down his throat,” Jirapong said.


Wow, I really hope with all my heart and pray to God that this wasn’t really a weird suicide and that some Thai guys with some shite-stained fingers stuffed their nasty socks down the guy’s throat as he begged, wretched in pain and choked and died.

Yes, I feel led…

I’m going to say a prayer today for the first time in a long time…

Dear god…

There are some sick farkers running around Thailand with baby sex in their minds and in their hearts. The Thai people, being poor as dirt in some cases accept Thai baht to let their daughters and sons go into the hands of others that will mistreat them. Sell them to Thai or farang pedophiles that will rent them like sex dummies, punch them, rip them, and intimidate them with threats of violence to themselves and to their families, most of which they still love dearly – what else do they know?

I ask you today dear god to take care of these misguided miscreants and pray with all my heart that you allow more suspicious deaths in Thai jails to happen this way. WHAT A GIFT you could give!

If you would find it in your ‘perfect will’ to give us a sign… like a big “Kill me in Twisted Ways” written in English on pedophile’s foreheads, that would help us immensely in our search to find these jackasses.

Otherwise, what are you DOING god? Are you watching what’s becoming of life here? Have you paid attention for the last couple of millenia?

All we have is promises and they’re ALL broken… please step up to the plate sometime soon…

Thank you dear god in heaven, god the father, god the son … amen and amen…

We’ll see how much effect that has… :(

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2 thoughts on “Suicide for Pedophile? God, I hope not!”

  1. I agree with cyberninja. You do have an exceptional site! Each day, I check it out. :)

    Your common-sense approach and willingness to deal with difficult issues is valuable to all of us, especially those of us who plan to make a life in Thailand.

    I do wish the Thai government would step up to the plate a bit more on the pedophile issue.



  2. Hey Vern,

    I just got done reading ~90% of your site. I’m currently in Chiang Mai doing a 3-month post-doc building some scientific equipment for the university. In any case, I’ve started to notice the wierdness you seem to have all figured out. I have my own blog that I’ve been posting stuff on about Thailand (recently — normally its about geeky stuff) for my buds but it pales in comparison to this sweet site. Your site made me feel less alone out here (especially with the apparent lack of automotive laws – sweet lord).

    Keep up the good work!


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