Thailand’s 24-hour ATM Machines: Farang

Farang resemblance to ATM Machines

Here’s another notecard about Thai bargirl and ‘farang’ relationships and what they are based on.

Some farang not only behaviorally resemble an ATM for their bargirl girlfriends or Buddha forbid, WIVES… but
for some there is also a physical resemblance which pushes ALL the right emotional bargirl buttons.

The bigger you are, the more tattoos you have, and the more bald that you are – you actually physically resemble an ATM machine. A farang with these attributes is sure
to find success in any bar in Pattaya, Patong, Patpong, or Phnom…

You can be fat. You can be bald. You can have scars all over your face, neck, head, chest and feet. You can have
scabies (I think). You can have any woman’s name tattood anywhere on your body, or multiple women’s names. You can have 1st wife, 2nd wife, 3rd and her sister’s names tattood on you as well as the bargirl you slept with the night before, and STILL the bargirls in

Thailand will find you irresistibly attractive.

You know why the Thai girls are able to pull this trick off and make so many farang believe that they are
special to the girl in some way?

Because in our home countries NOBODY can lie with smiles on their faces consistently day after day after day… or to put it more realistically, farang after farang after farang after farang. In Thailand – the culture doesn’t see lying as lying. It’s saving face and allowing others to save face too. It’s “mai pen rai”. So many things, small and great can be overlooked. Lies are not usually challenged seriously, if at all. If the lie allows someone to save face, then it’s allowed. That is until someone gets drunk and kills over it.

What 40 year old fat, bald, badly tattood, farang with smoke-stained teeth and not a friend in the entire western world would believe for even a minute that a SUPERHOT 19 year old dancer with a flat stomach who could model in New York City if she was 9 inches taller, would enjoy any amount of time with him that wasn’t going to be compensated generously and consistently?

WHO, I ask you?

The answer is, every 40+ year old guy in Pattaya, Patong, or Patpong it seems like.

Stickman’s site and the local forums are just FILLED with stories from these guys that didn’t see the sick reality of the game they are pitiful losers of. Some wise up, others try again and again to find love from a bargirl whose LIFE is built around getting money from farangs, lying to farangs so that money can be incoming from as many farangs as possible at the same time.

How can you marry a girl like that and expect life to be roses?

I think I just came up with another notecard, but I’m on dial-up tonight – TOT ADSL is down tonight in my town and I’m not motivated to stay on this 33kbps connection any longer than necessary… so I’ll just explain below….

The uglier you are – the more desperate the bargirls know you must be… and so the more confident they are that they can use you as one of their marionettes (puppets) in their bargirl game of life.

The UGLIER you are, the more attractive you are in their eyes because they are not after physical attractiveness at all. They are after $$$$$. If you are ugly and have an ATM card, you are the PRIME target in the sex-tourist areas of Thailand and, of course other countries.

Most of us KNOW this, but some guys are dating, getting engaged to, and marrying with bargirls past or present. The bargirl doesn’t really change for the better. That’s my belief. She’s incapable of changing to a be a person that doesn’t worship the easy money of paid for sexual acts.

I have a friend in Patong that tells me that EVERY girl there is available for a price. Married or not. I won’t go so far as to believe that, but I do know that MANY girls that are there and that are married ARE available for a price.

Not all are doing it – but maybe your little tee-rak is making a little shopping money on the side?

All it takes is a half hour…

Did your hunny bunny have 30 minutes to herself today in Pattaya?

Author: Vern

I'm an American expat living in Thailand. I like to write informative pieces about life in, living in Thailand, including topics like: Thai People, Thai Culture, Nightlife, Technology, and I have published a lot of photographs, videos, and even books on Thailand that you can find at There are many photographs of Thailand here - feel free to share with attribution (a link back to the home page). All written content on this site by Vern Lovic. Contact me at Google+.

6 thoughts on “Thailand’s 24-hour ATM Machines: Farang”

  1. When poverty strikes, utilising natural resources – your own body to earn food and living is historically proven.

    Further more there is a demand in the market that those Farang willing to pay for a bargirl. So, why bother to tell all these American foreigners about the Thai bargirls’ behaviour.

    The bargirls are just human, they are from different family background, different education background and different mentality. We should have sympathy to them.

    If there is no Farang in Thailand, they will not be any bargirls, prostitutes….etc..

    Demand = supply!!!

  2. Hi Lucinda, I am so glad you wrote, because you reminded me of another article I need to write about what it must feel like for GOOD girls in Thailand to be approached by sex-tourists. I had a girl in my English class – she was 19 yrs old that related to me some experiences while doing an internship at a Pattaya hotel. She worked front desk and was asked by numerous hotel guests (farang) if she would sleep with them for 500-2000 baht. Now, your comment about it happening to you in Malaysia reminded me. It must really suck to be a girl here and have to deal with it in your face like that. I wrote you on email – write back if you find the time!

  3. Just read this article of yours. Saddened by the uglinest of it all however good that you are posting them. I’m from an Asian descendant family, living in Malaysia and quite often approached by many foreigners thinking perhaps they could get lucky. This really infuriates the living day light out of me which led me to think they must have reasons to think they can get me? Sadly, it is the surrounding society and the way women have poorly and shamely behave around men. Whatever their reasons for justifiying their actions, it reflects so bad on the rest of us. Having been living here for 6 years, born in Manila grew up in Toronto, Canada, I must say there are many more to this Asian countries I appreciate and the ugly ones like what you’ve shared are the ones I try to put a blinder on. It is good that you do tell us though. My parents are from different ethnicity. I do suffer the occasional verbal advances and unwanted stares by many strangers. Anyhow, thanks for writing this. Will continue to read what you have to say. Wish you well in your stay in Thailand. It is still a beautiful place to be apart from all that stains it. Cheers! Lucinda

  4. I’m new to this site. Reading what you’ve posted. Saddened to say the least to read the uglinest out there. Coming from an Asian descendant family, rooted in Canada and currently living in Malaysia, quite often I am approached by many foreigners for a ‘little fun on the side”? This really infuriates and insults me. However, the women who behaves so cheaply make it bad for all of us. Keep writing. Will add this to my favourites. In the meantime, I am not after anything, just curious what you had to say. Thank you.

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