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There are a few Thailand blogs that I recommend you read, besides this one of course. Here is a short list of my favorites, and where to find them. If you’re not on this list, it means that I haven’t found you yet – or, that I haven’t remembered your blog. I just had a bottle of BeerLao, so I’ll blame that if I forget anyone I should have had on this list.

These are the Thailand blogs I recommend you subscribe to by RSS feed or just stop by often to see:

Joy’s Thai Food – I’m biased, OK? But, I’m not exaggerating when I say that she makes the best Thai food on the planet.

Thailand Musings – Steve and his lovely wife and daughter just moved to Thailand, so I expect he’s ready to do something big.

Paul Garrigan – Paul is an Irishman that I enjoy reading, and also listening to his podcasts when he puts one out.

Women Learning Thai – not just for women, Catherine has some very well done articles packed with information about learning Thai.

Isaan Style – Jason is an Aussie that teaches English in Isaan – Thailand’s northeast. He has probably posted more Thailand related articles than anyone over the last few years.

I-Nomad – always an interesting read.

Bangkok Pundit – for political goings on in Thailand.


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