What happened to Stick’s Site – Did he Sell it?

I started reading Stickmanbangkok before I came to Thailand a couple years ago. So – 2 1/2 years of reading it off and on. I’d choose an article a day almost during the peak of my interest in it.

I have been back there to read submissions over the last couple months – since the craziness with the other guy that outed him – and I’m just bored out of my cranium with it.

The guys writing are boring me, but even more so – the comment at the end – is DEFINITELY not STICK anymore. It’s like a German computer is writing a comment. The comments are lame, and provoke no thought whatsoever.

Stick’s site is going down fast. Are there ANY readers left?

Add to this the fact that stick stopped writing and publishing a weekly column.

What is left? 6000 stories from farangs that paid too much, drank too much and don’t do anything all day but think up these stupid commentaries on their own lives that nobody cares about but themselves.

If any of these guys had half a noggin – they’d start a blog of their own and make some money off their writing. It’s free to start a blog at blogger and there’s everything you could possibly need. You can add google advertisements to your pages very simply.

Dana – man, if you have as many readers as everyone THINKS you do – you are really missing out. If you are wise – and I think you must be VERY wise, you would pull your stuff from Stick’s site and start your own blog of stories as soon as possible. The amount of content you’ve built up after 160+ articles would make Google Gods smile down on you in a few months after posting them to your own site. There’s only two rules of success for blogging. 1.) blog everyday, about 300 words or more focused around some topic that others search on or are interested in. 2.) put ads on your site. If you do that for 6 months, a year, you’ll see thai baht rain down from heaven.

I don’t think anyone else has any kind of following on that site – but Dana could really make a blog work. I’m sure of it.

I think it’s quite strange to see all these people GIVING away their content to Stick’s site and for what? A thanks? Thank yourself and put your writing skills and dedication to it to work.

Get somewhere!


Stick, you could probably triple your traffic by doing one thing… this one thing would take weeks to accomplish. Months probably… I am betting you’d triple your traffic from Google… not only that, you would have MORE people coming everyday and more people reading more pages everyday.

Arrange all your submissions by topic.

That’s it. That’s the search engine optimization tip that will take you to the next level and beyond – and re-vitalize and re-monetize stickmanbangkok.com

Search engines would eat it up.

Visitors that are coming to your site would eat it up because they’d no longer need to read a paragraph in the archive to decide what it’s about and whether they want to read the whole thing or not. If you had it arranged by TOPIC – we’d know what it is and be able to choose more easily what we read about. Most of us are so tired of the same old stories – we’d love to be able to skip them entirely.

Free tips – unedited feedback- there you go.


I’ll take same if you have it!

Author: Vern

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2 thoughts on “What happened to Stick’s Site – Did he Sell it?”

  1. Thailand gal – who is doodee? Anybody that has that as a nickname… well, I’d have to go look at the site to see what it’s all about!

  2. Agree with all you’ve said. I stopped reading that site a long time ago. It’s too lopsided, doesn’t offer much to think about and is kind of shallow and unsatisfying.

    I read your site, Doodee’s site and a few others to really keep in touch with what’s going on over there. They are well-written and varied enough to keep my attention.

    You’re right about the uncensored feedback. I don’t have much interest in leaving comments for those who moderate or censor. It’s too easy to delete the spam without having that hindrance.

    Just a few opinions. :)



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