Anyone See “Alien Autopsy”?

Alien autopsy resembles Vern's head

I just found this photo in the camera, appears my girlfriend took it when I was sleeping, last night I’m guessing…

Did anyone see that alien autopsy film? Am I imagining it, or does Vern’s head bear a strange similarity to an alien’s head?

I know I’ve been gifted with an abnormally efficient grey-matter that seems to solve all problems nearly instantaneously, but, I never really realized how large a cranial capacity was necessary. I’ve never seen my bloated cranium from this angle!

I am hoping this is a trick of shadows or some strange feedback with all the glare in the photo… hmm, wait, there IS NO GLARE…

Alien autopsy similar Vern's head?

Well, ’tis a trick of some sort and a nasty one at that, just wait until my g/f gets home so I can take a silly photo of her head if that’s at all possible.

Author: Vern

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4 thoughts on “Anyone See “Alien Autopsy”?”

  1. Hey Vern, The guy in the second picture might have the goods on you mate.

    I think his/its head is in better shape. :) Ha

  2. Thanks Line! If you look close though, there is some bubble like structure behind my ears… egg-like is a better description… almost, well, alienlike! yes, please send all photos of people who look like fools when they sleep so I don’t feel so badly! Vern

  3. Ha, ha, don’t worry Vern, there’s a bit to go from your forehead to the alien’s. :) You look better sleeping than the majority. *lol* Maybe I should upload one of my bf, I don’t know WHAT he looks like, only I’m afraid he’d kill me.

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