Dooky Avoidance Issues in the USA…

I teach in an Asian Country…

Reviewing some surveys that my M.3 level (15 year old) kids
handed out for their statistics project I realized…


I was teaching a class of 7 year olds last year and a kid
gave me a tiny corner of a piece of paper he ripped off. On
it was a drawing a of a pile of steaming turd… dooky… you
know, winnie the pooh… pooh-pooh. Henceforth called
just… dooky.

The kid had done this shortly after many other kids had
given me scraps of paper with English words on them and
sometimes phrases… “Mr. Rick fat” or “no arm mr. rick”
and other things like that and it was funny. Some of them
really made me laugh.

This kid hands me the dooky and what am I supposed to
do? It was a curled up turd that had steam coming out.

This is obviously (I’ve come to learn over a couple years),
the preferred method of drawing dooky… curled and some
vertical layers to it… and then the steam… always the

This was a 7 year old giving that to me… what he
meant to say, since the other kids were all insulting me
in English words… the kid was calling me a piece of
sh*&! He didn’t laugh when he handed it to me – just
gave it and sat down with a satisfied look on his face…


Then… I’m reviewing some surveys the 15 yr olds are
handing out – and I see this (see pic). On it are some
questions about how the respondent is enjoying their
restroom experience! But the strangest thing is there
is a girl on the survey – sitting with her pants around
her knees on the CAN. She appears to be shaking
a bit – like a pissshiver and there is a picture of a
curled up vertical dooky, possibly with some steam
coming out from the side behind her back…

I’m all for it. I think American needs to get over their
fear of dookie and other dooky related topics. Hell,
a 15 year old girl – the quietest girl in class farted a
4 second fart the other day when class was quiet.

After everyone laughed except me – they went back
to their classwork.

IN AMERICA we’d have CRUCIFIED that girl with
taunts and harrassment!

Lighten up America – it’s only dooky… and we’re
balls deep in it in Iraq… just accept it as a way of


iam the one

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  1. You forgot MUD

    i say i’m droppin mud or i’m doing some business. If my dad is doing it you know because he’s always saying to pull his finger and i know i shouldnt now cuz he has gas before he does the business.

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