Engrish in Thailand, Funny Signs

McDonald's fries, Thailand
McDonald’s is an international corporation. We have McDonald’s here in Thailand. I was eating my big BIG fries when I noticed a sign being placed on some chairs in front of me.

For the LIFE of me I could not figure out what the sign was talking about.

Here’s the sign >

Mcdonalds sign in Thailand, ENGRISH

Finally after a few minutes of trying to figure it out I took some photos and asked my girlfriend to tell me what the Thai words meant.


Oh my, so at Thailand McDonalds, “Tamper During Close” means Temporarily Closed….

Wow, that’s a new one.

Isn’t McDonald’s standardized so they all must have things make sense – even in Thailand? WHO is keeping track of this stuff?

It’s almost as funny as the ocean going ship I saw on a beach a while back… What on earth do you think the name means?

Boat name: Pimpisa 1

I was going to get some ROTI with banana – one of my favorite foods, and saw this sign…

Engrish in Thailand, funny sign

The funny thing was, there was a sign on the other side of the cart – that had Lemon, Fruit, and Orange spelled correctly! Hmm… There’s not that much attention to detail with spelling in Thailand. I wonder if they spell in Thai incorrectly a lot too. Is it a cultural thing where they just aren’t that concerned with it? If so, I like the idea!

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2 thoughts on “Engrish in Thailand, Funny Signs”

  1. i think it is about the fact that most thais do not talk and read english.

    if the wordings are in thai characters, people who cannot read thai cannot see the difference as well.

  2. Yes those Engrish signs make my day for months. I always have a good laugh at the stuff being promoted or sold around Thailand.

    I always laugh at my Big C sign in the fruit and vgetable department that says “All fruit and vegetable must be weighted”

    I have pointed this out to my friend who is a manageress there and she laughed and said oh we need to fix.

    Of course a long time later that sign is still there and I always laugh when I see it.

    Amazing how small things can entertain a small mind, Huh.

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