Funny Fat Farang Posts at a Thailand Gay Forum

I was looking at “fat farangs” news around Thailand and I stumbled upon this gem of a conversation… see if you can appreciate it like I sure am…

I think that fat farangs should pay more for sex in Pattaya.
How fatter how more heavy the work is. So the young cute should get paid at least double. Its time that fat farangs who don’t respect their body( given by our dear god )start respecting the Thai boys and their little bodies.

So I would sugest to take the next sugestion seriously.

If you age is over 50 you have to pay your weight times 10 is total baht.
For every year your over 50 you pay an extra 50 baht,

so if you are 70 years old and you weight is 100 kilo you pay 100 times 10 baht is 1000 baht and 20 times 50 baht for the age. So total 2000 baht.

If you under 50 years old you do not pay any age charge and you pay only 5 baht a kilo.
So if you are a handsome man 40 years old ( like me !!) weight 65 kilo times 5 baht you pay only 325 baht for a quickie.

I think fair deal.

This will learn the eldery gays to respect their bodies and the Thai bodies.

Someone on the forum then added…

common guys lets be fair.

Picture this,

a 60/70 year old man,wearing shorts and flip flaps and a sleeveless t.shirt. A belly like a pragnat cow and smelling like a bull in heat.
Wouldn’t you like to charge him a bit more then the going price for a shorty ?

I really think that heavy farangs should agree, that they should have to pay more for sex with the boy.
If they don’t want to spend more, they should go on a diet and go to excercise.
Nowadays if you are big and like to fly tourist class,you have to buy two seats.
If you are heavy and fat and go to have sex with a Thai boy you should pay double or take two boys instead of one.

And my I.Q is OK since I stopped smoking soft drugs, stopped doing poppers and only have sex with educated Thai’s which have at least Poh 3.

This is another world to me – and it’s fascinating that there are Thai guys writing in English about this stuff! I also find it fascinating that I agree with the first post – 2000 baht for a guy like that sounds about right. Why should the poor Thai boys have to suffer like they do? There should be a fat farang scale made up that all Thai sex workers – male and female must adhere to. It’s only f-a-i-r… come on guys, bone up… man up… something…

The site – just to be fair since I copied 2 posts from it is: Related to bahtsold?

So there’s some entertaining reading that will broaden your world-view a little bit – it did mine…

And, what the hell is a Poh 3?

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5 thoughts on “Funny Fat Farang Posts at a Thailand Gay Forum”

  1. Yeah, that’s what I’m saying… these guys (and bargirls) DO have it bad… I’ve always felt that it’s fine for them to sell their azz on the street – I’ve got no problems with that… we do what we have to do. I DO feel badly for them – it’s not that… can you imagine having to pork a 100kg german lady that smokes like a sailor and just drank a 1/5th of vodka or worse, rum? Breathing all in your face, sweaty and repugnant? Farting, burping, and making other weird noises? And expecting you to give her the oral magic and smile during it? Holy man, what are these poor Thais DOING? I’m going to start another web site… barboys and bargirls – asia’s who’s with me?

  2. Hey Vern.

    That is funny stuff. How do you find this stuff. I search around and find funny stuff like this at times and will have to report on sometimes.

    Worse thing though was the picture of the guy that was being described, wasn’t pretty and I think teh 2,000 baht price tag would be cheap!

  3. ha! My girlfriend just told me that Poh 3 means P3 – Prathom 3 grade level education! 3rd grade education! Yikes… discriminating folks these guys… Vern

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