Funny Thailand T-Shirts: My Mexican…

Funny Thailand T-Shirts: My Mexican works for less than your MexicanWe were eating lunch in our favorite fast food rice place in Surat Thani and I turned around to the table beside us and saw this shirt on a Thai guy eating with his friends.

I told the other guys I was eating with and one of them grabbed the photo. I told him 4 times to ask the guy – but, speaking NO Thai whatsoever, that was a problem for him and he just started snapping. Good thing the Thai guy was a sport about it.

This t-shirt is typical of some of the funny t-shirts in Thailand. The Thais’ haven’t the slightest idea what it says or means – but they buy them because there is English written on them. Guys selling t-shirts KNOW that it doesn’t matter what they say – so they’re as racial and politically incorrect as possible!

So – I had to get a funny post in here since last one was serious.

Author: Vern

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  1. I’ve owned several t-shirts from Japan and China with lettering on them and I never knew for sure what they said. Always wondered about those t-shirts. so,much like the Thai in your post I did not know what it said on the shirt I was wearing. I wonder what the Thai writing sez on t-shirts the tourists buy in Thailand.

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