Gross Things to Eat in Thailand (Videos) 1-8 links

I’m getting email a few times per week from visitors to Thaipulse that just saw the Gross Grub series of videos that I did on my other site.

I’ll repost the links her to the blog post and then to the file directly to download.

I had the silly idea to eat a lot of bugs and a scorpion one day – figuring it would be good video…

Here are the links for direct download. Much easier to right click each file and choose “Save file as” or “Save target as” or “Save link as” – depending which browser you have. You can download multiple files that way and save them to your hard drive – and they’ll play much more smoothly as well when you double click them on your computer.


Gross Grub 1: Ant Larvae – the post that started the infatuation… the FIRE if you will
download Ant Larvae video >

Gross Grub 2: Grasshoppers – just like potato chips, if you believe that! (don’t)
download Eating Grasshoppers video >

Gross Grub 3: Silkworm Larvae – not too bad. Like eating patches of silk – creamy gushy silk, that is.
download Eating Silkworm Larvae video >

Gross Grub 4: Black Beetles
download Eating Black Beetles video >

Gross Grub 5: Hellgrammites!
download Eating Hellgrammites video >

Gross Grub 6: Giant Chinese Cockroach!
download Eating Giant Chinese Cockroach video >

Gross Grub 7: A girl from Cambodia eats Baby Birds!
download Eating Baby Birds video >

Gross Grub 8: Eating Scorpion! – This one landed me in an overnight room at the hospital.
download Eating Scorpion video >

Video of Vern in the hospital as a result of eating the big scorpion. I was a little bit out of it here, I was dizzy, my heart was beating very weirdly – like rolling, not beating rythmically… it was rolling like a wave action instead of a heartbeat. Very odd. I was still not sure I wasn’t going to have an asthma attack and die…

Gross Grub 9: Water bugs! I don’t know why, but this was the last straw… I had to draw the line…
download Eating water bugs video >


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4 thoughts on “Gross Things to Eat in Thailand (Videos) 1-8 links”

  1. You’re a brave man Vern.

    I just watched your videos. Eating any one of them would have me projectile vomiting into the nearest bush!

  2. You are a sick man Vern. So of that stuff wasn’t meant to be ate.

    Just kidding I actually enjoy some bugs everynow and then but I am like you and i know one of your favourite dishes and mine as well.

    I think you have video of it as well, the good old jumping shrimp. They are delicious.


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