How Many Legs does a Cow in Thailand Have?

A little Thailand trivia for you this morning… how many legs does a cow in Thailand have?

Man, I wish I had a poll for this one – but the poll feature doesn’t work since I host this blog at my own site… bummer.

If you download this video you might be surprised how many legs a cow DOES have… This was taken at a small zoo that is in the back of a park in Sisaket, the Queen Mother’s park… it’s a beautiful place that is cool because of the trees and when the flowers are blooming in April and May it’s quite nice… there are a couple small lakes that are filled with ravenous catfish and Tilapia that you can feed too… Really a cool park.

Until you get to the zoo of misformed animals in the back… I’ll post a couple videos of the odd animals there over the next day or so – depending on speed of my upload connection from this internet cafe.

When I looked at another video I have of the same cow I found out that I was incorrect about how many legs this cow actually has as 2 of them are hidden… so, add “2” to the total that I say in the video and that’s how many legs this cow has!

This cow has ___ legs, not 4 (video) >


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