Most Simple IQ Predictor in Existence Identifies Persons with 140+ IQ

If the image below appears to “move” as you look at it – then you have been identified as having an IQ over 140 according to researchers at Princeton in New Jersey. They created this image to work only with persons whose brain processing power is beyond about 140 IQ points plus or minus 3.

Again, if the image is moving for you – it is 98.3% assured that you have an IQ greater than 140 – which is genius level. If the image is not moving for you then you fall into the < 140 IQ range. Sorry, the test only identifies this level and isn't good for much else...

If you have been tested before with the WAIS-R, Shipley, or other validated IQ test in the past and you are absolutely SURE you don’t have a 140+ IQ then the only other possibility – which researchers have allowed for and found to have some validity… is that you have the IQ of a nothing less than…. a common squirrel as is the case for 1.7% of persons viewing the test.

The nuts trigger a subconscious reaction in some that appears to short-circuit the brain, causing chatter among the neurons and rendering a still image is impossible amongst the chatter. Thus the image appears to also move for squirrels and for those that have the IQ level of a squirrel.

So, you are either a squirrel or you have an IQ over 140.

Which one?

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