Best Beer in Thailand?

archa-frontIt’s still Beerlao. BUT, recently Jason at “Isaanstyle” blog mentioned that he tried “Archa” and found it lovely.

I wasn’t initially fond of Beer Leo at all – but it grew on me. That’s the first sign that you’re settling for lack of a better option. I don’t like Singha and I don’t like any of the other beers I’ve had here besides San Miguel which has a nice taste…

Since I can’t get Beerlao on tap or in a bottle – damn, or even in a can where I am – I decided to see if Jason knows what he’s talking about. I feared he was just biased because apparently this is Australian beer – and Jason is an Aussie.

With some kind of excitement brewing I bought two cans at 7-11. I hate cans – but that’s all they had. Keep in mind that if you’re taste-testing beer in Thailand – and you come upon some JUNK beer, try it a couple more times from different places, different locales because you might have just sucked down beer that sat in the sun for a long time. No beer tastes great after that. I’ve seen this beer reviewed as “horrible” before. I’d never call it that… anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself.

I noticed it has 5.4% alcohol content – which is a bit less than Leo, so that was a plus. I’m used to drinking beer water in the USA at 2.5-3% alcohol so I don’t tend to like the high-alcohol content beers.

I added ice to my 7-11 Big Gulp plastic cup I have on hand for such occasions and poured one in. Light color. Hmm. As I drank it down I realized… I’ve no complaints. That’s odd.

I poured the next.

Damn, that’s decent beer.

It’s not Beerlao – but I think I’d rate it a touch above San Miguel. I think another taste-test is in order for San Miguel since it’s been 2 years since i had it last. Ok – will let you know.

As it stands Beerlao dark is my favorite beer EVER. That’s followed closely by Beerlao pale – or regular, whatever it’s called. Amazing beers those are – in Lao anyway, and freshly brewed… I’ve had mixed results in bottles in Thailand. If they sat out in 100 degree F weather they’re going to suck.

Archa beer from Australia is now my choice for number one beer I can always find in Thailand.

Anyone else try it?

Thanks Jason for the recommendation…

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8 thoughts on “Best Beer in Thailand?”

  1. Archa beer is considered loso due to the low cost of the finished product.Many of my expat friends consider it dish=water compared to Leo or Singha,
    tried an experiment using Slurpee cups from the local jet sip et , with a mixture of cups containing all thai beers and unmarked so no-one could distinguish, apart from Heineken, archa rated first ,surprise surprise,although most contend not to like it.

    1. Nice, that’s basically what I did – try to look at it with an open mind when I tried it. You did like a Pepsi-Coke challenge. Funny they liked Archa better.

  2. CHANG Beer also contains Rice ! , Chang beer is poor shit . . ,
    ARCHA Beer is good ., its soft and easy . ., simular to Heniken . .,

  3. Before I became a monk, I used to drink San Miguel Light, when I lived in Bangkok, then I moved to the country and drank Leo.. which I liked much better than Chang… I tried Archa a couple of time, I thought it was a little better than Leo, although the Thai’s laughed at me drinking it.. ?? I think they thought it was a poor mans beer… lol… and then a friend from Bangkok turned me on to Singha Light.. that’s a beer I liked foremost.. But, now I just get to look at the pictures on the can’s and bottles… :-)

  4. I haven’t tried this yet nor have I seen it anywhere. But Im addicted to Leo.. it’s just so nice and got good price :) .. I also love Federbrau.. did I spell it correct?
    But I gotta say, I cant drink Singha, I just hate it’s taste.. bitter!! What’s beer Lao?? where di u get it?

    1. BeerLao is at Chong Mek border – or, any border with Laos. It’s also in some bars in the tourist areas. You can usually find it there. Good luck.

  5. Archa beer is Thai beer, brewed by ThaiBev, the same ones that brew Chang beer. It is the least expensive bear I’ve found in Thailand, not a good sign, and according to Wikipedi it is brewed with some rice which sucks in beer! I tried it tonight and it is ok, but I much prefer Singha and the locally brewed Heineken. I might buy it more though because it is so inexpensive!

  6. Yeah I gotta say I love Leo. Always drank Singha when I first arrived, but have swapped over these days. I never used to like the cans either, but with the climate, sometimes I actually prefer the small coke sized cans, cos you can really knock them back and get to the thirst! Not tried beerlao yet, not seen it around too much where I am, but after your post I will surely keep an eye! Cheers and all the best. Ben

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