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Short time hotel rates, Thailand

We (my girlfriend and I) had been seeing some temples and were pretty tired out. The trip around Bangkok by motorbike was something I’d rather not repeat too many times. Rush-hour is a bitch in sin city, though I think on a motorbike it’s much, much easier than in a car or truck.

We had sucked in traffic fumes for about 4 hours on this day and we got just on the outskirts of Bangkok when we started looking for a hotel. Everyone we asked in this city (Samut Sakon) kept directing us towards short-time hotels! Apparently that’s all they thought a farang with a Thai girl needed. We kept trying to explain that we wanted a clean, decent place that we could sleep in all night. We weren’t looking for a place to bang secretly, just eat and get some sleep!

Finally we paid a guy 40 baht to lead us to a hotel that he knew. He said it was about 500 baht per night. We said great. We followed him as he and his girlfriend rode the motorbike ahead of us. We pulled up to the entrance and this guy said – “Here it is!” (in Thai of course).

It looked like a short-time hotel to me – lots of curtains pulled in back of the parked cars and motorbikes so nobody could see, and maybe recognize the vehicles parked there.

We told the guy that led us to the place that we really DON’T want a dirty short-time hotel and that we needed a “regular” hotel. He insisted this one was clean and that it was a great hotel. We were so tired at that point that I decided we’d go have a look as I’d not been into a drive-in park your car behind the curtain type short-time hotel before.

Upon entering the guys that worked there were wai-ing us profusely. It was comical even – they wai’ed us until their heads went between their somewhat open stanced legs. It was bizarre. Later we realized they were doing that so they didn’t look at our faces and we’d feel comfortable coming in for some anonymous sex.

I told them we wanted the “Sweet” room, not the SUITE room like maybe it should have been named in English… they pointed us to the best place they had and I told them I wanted to stay until Noon the next day. They said, 620 baht. I thought this was very high – and so I thought I’d check out the room before we left.

Large bed in short-time hotel room, Bangkok, ThailandI walked into the room and was FLOORED. It WAS nice. It was super clean – I found not one hair (of any sort) anywhere, not in the restroom, on the bed, on a table or chair – nowhere. It was VERY clean and the sheets were perfectly white and sanitary (so it seemed).

I looked around the room and was shocked to see… a HUGE TV – complete with 6 channels of varying porn movies… and some other non-porn channels… A California King Sized bed – or bigger… Mirrors everywhere… a SAUNA complete with barbeque cooker and rocks on top – to spoon some water over top of for steam… a 4 person tub… and a very tasteful glass wash basin with naked ladies all over it.

I couldn’t believe it!

Ornate ceiling in Bangkok short-time hotelI told the guy we’d take it. We ordered some food and sodas and when the guy brought them to me – I opened the door and he dropped his head down so he was staring at the ground – so he didn’t see who I was! Very funny the lengths they go to ensure anonymity because in the morning as we were leaving and they pulled back the curtain, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE 8 WORKERS THAT WE SAW craned their necks to see who the farang was with – they all wanted the gossip to tell to the whole town.

Oh – there was a DANCING POLE in the middle of the room – placed strategically between the enormous bed and the 27 inch porno TV. I didn’t feel inspired to dance for the video but I did try a few moves and I’m not as smooth as I used to be…

Anyway, we had a great time shooting pictures and videos of everything. Parts of the video – the bathroom and the sauna were very dark – though it was midday sun when I shot the video. I lightened it up enough that you can see everything. The file is 20MB and a large download if you have a slow connection, but it’s worth it just to see the place.

Dancing pole in short-time hotel, Bangkok, ThailandThe Thais’ REALLY have this side of the anonymous sex business down to a “T”. The level of attention to detail was pretty incredible and could be compared with a home that would go for 10 million baht here.

The place was doing a VERY good business for a Tuesday night. They told us they had 63 rooms available! That’s like 30,000 baht per night if they’re packing it in (so to speak)!

I took pics of the hourly rate price lists that you can see in the top right photo.

Ok – Download the Video and have a look what you can get in Thailand for a night of sex as interesting as you can make it. 620 baht is roughly $19 USD with the current exchange rate. Can you find this for $19 in the USA?

Love seats in short-time hotel in Bangkok, ThailandSomeone MUST start some hotels like this, I think it would be big news.

Ok – enjoy the video and photos.
Click photos for larger versions.

Video: Thailand Short-time Hotel in Bangkok
(Ok, video is live now)

Naked lady washbin

Naked lady washbin was a nice touch!

Privacy box – they pass food through here so they don’t see your face, but I just opened the door anyway, not knowing what it was at first…

Sauna in short-time hotel, Bangkok, Thailand
Small sauna

Interior of Sauna
Complete with electric grill and rocks on top – is it safe to throw a ladle full of water on an electric grill? This would never work in civilized countries!

Toilet and tub
Toilet and tub. It was a big tub but the photos and video were too dark.

If you’re traveling in Ubon Ratchathani and need a hotel – do go by Darwin’s Ubon Ratchathani hotel site and see what he’s got. He’s the number one resource in Ubon for hotels and any information you need.

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  2. Hey Vern. What an awsom looking place. It looked great an the price good when you look at what was in the room.

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