Smart Guys with Bargirls as Girlfriends…

Yeah, I met this girl in a bar in Pattaya (insert any destination in Thailand) and I really fell for her… she doesn’t fit the mold of the usual bargirl… this one is different… let me tell you why….

JESUS. If I read or hear one more of these stupid *#(&%)@ articles about this…

On Stickman is another one of these articles by “WildRover” and it just gave me the pissed off attitude I need to express it here. It has been building up.

I gotta wonder about the state of the guys that are writing these articles. I’m guessing them to be no better off in their home country than a bargirl is here. WHO can come to this country… find a whore in a bar… and fall in love with her… and then rationalize that she CHANGED! How does a girl get the whore OUT of her after doing it? How? Someone please tell me!

It’s not just guys that I’m reading on Stick’s site either – it’s teachers I’m working with – that supposedly have a bachelor’s degree – one guy from America, one from England. They both seem like bright guys. They are both calling whores their girlfriends! One guy told me that he hadn’t had much success with girls back in the states – he picked the “wrong girls”… yeah, well man, open your eyes and look at what you got now! You’re WORSE off – you’re dating a whore now! Did you date prostitutes in the states?

He met this girl in Patong at a bar… and now he’s calling her his girlfriend. She comes to stay with him sometimes – a 3-hour bus trip… or he goes down there where he stays with her. She’s ugly as all hell, smokes – he doesn’t… he’s into fitness. She is 30ish… bad bargirl tattoos all over her, bad hair…

He MIGHT be 32? Nothing adds up except he’s right – he picks the wrong girls.

This guy on stick this morning that I read the first three paragraphs of… met this girl in a bar – she was being barfined. He KNOWS what she does. He falls in love with her anyway – she’s different… doesn’t fit the mold! haha! holy shit – what mold are you talking about?

WildRover says, ” I met A in Renoir on November 18th 2005, at about 10 p.m. She was with another guy (big fat, drunk English guy) and he had bar fined her so, through her friend I said I would come back tomorrow, because she was just beautiful – skinny, dark Isaan girl, captivating smile, “ the usual.” and, ” I found out later that while I was in China she went with another customer (she had to work after all), an Australian, for two nights and he was going to Jakarta for two nights then back to Bangkok, when he promised he would take her to Hua Hin.”

Jesus – I had to stop shortly after because from this point he was going to tell me how she was different and didn’t fit the “pattern”.

Wait – holy hell – he started sending her money immediately! 25000 baht per month! hahahha! listen to this…

” After two weeks together I told her I didn’t want her to go back to work in the bars. I was still cautious, because she had many stories about her previous Farang boyfriends. She said she had never been with a Thai boyfriend since she was sixteen. I asked her how much she needed to stay out of the bars and she would not answer. I asked if 15,000 THB would be enough (my first time at this!). She said yes, but when I pushed a bit about her actual living costs I figured this would just cover the basics, so settled on BHT25,000 per month. Later, after about another three months, she told me her previous BF was giving her 60,000 a month. My silent reaction was “sucker!” but then I did the numbers and figured that if she worked 20 nights a month and did customers 15 nights a month, and got a reasonable 2,500 THB each night she could easily have made this much when you added in the drink commissions from the bar. However, she was still happy with 25,000 THB (and still is to this day) and has never asked me for more.”

UGGHHHHH*#**#*#**#~! Yeah, girls working in a restaurant make 7,000 baht per month! She’s got enough to save $500 USD per month? When he went back to her village he said the family treated him with a lot of respect! hahaha! yeah, he just bought them a car and fourteen bat gold chains! I’d kiss your feet ANYTIME you visited me. Respect out of financing me goes a long way… behind your back they’re laughing their brown eyes black.

So – in my own humbly expressed opinion, this poor sap is going down a losing path.

What is stickman’s comment to this guy…? “From the sound of it she has most likely left the bar scene, so any check would be to verify the existence of boyfriends outside of the bar scene. Due to the sporadic nature of travels by many Western guys to and from Thailand, this can be more difficult to determine.

But overall, it sounds like she is on the straight and narrow.”

WHAT??? Am I THE ONE nuts here? On the straight and narrow what? Lines of coke?

I can’t believe he didn’t tell the guy to run with his money into Isaan and find a girl that is worthy of giving money to stay chaste.

So, that’s what I’m telling him.

Please, for the love of YOURSELF… save your money… spend it on a trip to the northeast sometime. Meet a girl in a mall that has something going for her… whether that’s college, a job, or nothing at all… she might have NOTHING going for her – except you… and send her 10,000 baht per month which is MORE than girls with no skills make even in Bangkok, and be much happier and have fewer games. Maybe you’ll still have games, maybe not… but you won’t be dealing with issues of a girl that recently dropped out of the bar scene because you gave her money to do it…


frustrated as all hell

(PS: Yep, I fell for one too when I first got here – hence the anger behind this rant. I vowed to help make other farang smarter because of it… Hahaha – like I’m so well-intentioned now… hahah… anyway – that’s the reason for the tone of this post…)

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  1. this story about bar girls is the same
    over and over again
    bar girls think nothing of sex
    thats the long and short of it
    if he sending her 25.000 a month more fool him
    5.000/ 10.000 is more than enough
    any more and she will get greedy

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