Songkran 2007 Water Festival in Thailand: Photos, Videos, History and Links

Songkran Links: Photos, Videos, History,
Tradition, and Articles of Firsthand Experience…

There are a few good web sites to see Songkran Water Festival photos and information. I finally found some Songkran videos and some of them are so good that I don’t know if I want to shoot some myself this year! Afterall, risking the video equipment is not always an idea I get revved up about. We’ll see what happens. Guess I should record some just to make myself remember it some day when I’m old laying on the couch with my left hand down my pants and the right hand wrapped around the remote…

Here are some links to photos and a tip page about enjoying Songkran… I’ll probably shoot some video this year and have it at a few days after this years Songkran.

great Songkran photos at Khao Sarn Road, Bangkok Songkran 2006 – don’t miss page 2 link at bottom

– many good Songkran photos
more good Songkran photos
– and MORE crazy Songkran photos!

A video search engine that found a lot of Songkran videos >

Richard Barrow’s tips on Songkran Water Festival

A history of Songkran and its’ origin…

Another review of the history and traditions of Songkran with accompanying photos

Links to other Songkran articles I’ve written on this blog:

If you can swing it – you should really visit Thailand for this holiday. Don’t stay in Bangkok as most people have left Bangkok to go to their home cities where they grew up or where their parents are. Bangkok is deserted except for Khao Sarn Road which is very nutty with foam parties – farang style Songkran.

Come and See Songkran!

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