Fuji Apples at Big C – 29 THB

Farang Food Alert:

Awesome apples, these FUJI brand from Big C. I can sometimes find them in the open market – but there is another kind that looks similar to Fuji apples and they’re junk.

Usually the way I tell them at the market is they are like 12-15 baht each.

So – 4 Fuji apples at Big C for 29 Baht is a winner. Go get some, they’re amazing. It even says “Organic” on the wrapper… for what it’s worth…

Author: Vern

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2 thoughts on “Fuji Apples at Big C – 29 THB”

  1. Hi Vern, I thought I would add this about Fuji apples. I got this from a fruit website.
    “Some Fujis are very big, but these tend to be less flavorful. Look for medium-sized and firm fruit with spots all around.” Also apple lovers probably should know that the Fuji apple was cloned so to speak, from two apples in the U.S. The Granny Smith and one other that I can’t remembe the name of. They are harvested in Japan in late September and early October.

    1. Ha! thanks Bill – great info… the Fuji is an amazing apple… I also like Macintosh apples – and I’ve seen some in Thailand that came from the USA too… at least the sticker said that.

      The small ones – medium- are awesome – that’s the size I’ve been getting lately.

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