Gwit Diao – Chinese Noodle Soup… 2 Questions

I eat this soup almost daily. I just love it – it’s got protein, carbs and I don’t seem to gain weight from eating a huge bowl everyday – no matter what else I eat. For 42 months I’ve been lazy about looking it up on the internet – what is IN THIS STUFF?

First, what is in these big pork balls? They are almost the size of golf balls and I eat 5 to 8 of them with every bowl. They fill me up. They MUST have a huge fat content, but as I said – I’m not porking up (fattening up) so maybe that’s not true. Anyone know?

The other thing is – what is it about the dry pork skins they put in this stuff that makes a regular bowl of soup so damn extraordinary? What is it that’s so irresistable about dried pork skin pieces? I hate to eat fat on a slab of meat – or even fish. It makes me feel disgusting, like I’m shoveling on calories and re-appropriating the chemicals that have stored in the animal’s fat over it’s lifespan – into mine. You’ve seen the food cycle charts. The chemicals plankton eat are eaten by shrimp which are eaten by the thousands by game fish which are then eaten by the dozen each year by each fish-eating person in the world. The chemicals must be oozing out of us by the time we’re in our forties.

Anyway – one more question. What in the world is in the paste that LOOKS like Tom Yum paste, but when eaten – is obviously different. It’s spicy and has a taste of it’s own – it’s not Tom Yum paste. Is it?

That’s all – a quick note as I eat.

Author: Vern

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