Thailand Tips #12: Fried Rice w/ Chicken Might Crack a Tooth

Thai food made in Thailand is a little bit different at times. Sure it’s spicy more than most can handle, but there are other differences as well.

I used to enjoy eating Kow Pad Gy (fried rice with chicken). The place I ate it at was great – the food was delicious and prepared the same way every time. I ate there almost everyday.

Then, I moved to another city and changed restaurants – in their fried rice there are, more times than not – pieces of chicken bone hidden in the chicken because they just don’t take the time to remove the meat from the bone. They chop it all with a meat cleaver to make small pieces – but there are bone chips and large bone pieces in the chicken that will give you a surprise as you crunch down on one. I’ve known one expat to lose a tooth over this and heard more than a few gripe stories about it. Me included.

Be careful eating meat and fish as Thais don’t typically take out the bones.

Author: Vern

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