Thai Girls…Tarantula

Thai girls and reaction to tarantula

There are different girls in Thailand. Different people. There are those from Bangkok that think they are above it all. They’ve forgotten their roots – their culture, their traditions for the most part.

I’ve noticed a real change just going from Ubon Ratchathani to this same-sized city in the south – Surat Thani. The people here are not the same. Yeah, it’s a generalization for sure… but one that I’m OK with.

In Ubon people go to the temple more. They take part in things the temple is doing more. They have many more cultural things happening at the parks. There is traditional dancing both from the Isaan region and the north around
Chiang Mai – there are dancers that have shows for both regions in Ubon. Laos is close by and Ubon is influenced by their culture, their foods…

When there is a Thai Holiday – whether Buddhist based or not, it is really enjoyed there in Ubon, they do it big. They have fun organizing everything and following through with the tradition.

I have fun with it too – a lot of fun! Loy Krathong and SongKran are really a good time! Here in Surat it’s all dummed down. There’s a small celebration for Loy Krathong but it’s really nothing worth talking about.

Thai people in the northeast are said to eat anything! And, for the most part – that is correct. They DO. I spent the first year plus in Ubon and I was introduced to eating things that back in the states we only step on. I won’t say
any of them were tasty… but they weren’t bad either. There’s really no taste after deep frying. There’s more taste in a french fry than a rice bug that’s been deep fried.

The hilltribe folks are said to be VERY backwoods and they eating things cooked, dead, or crawling. The only thing I’ve eaten that was still alive here is baby shrimp. They weren’t tasty except for the fact that they were bathed in a hot spicy sauce… the dish is called “Goong Dthen” and means “Shrimp dance”. When I removed the plate that was on top of another plate I got a surprise. I went with it though and ate some, but really – no taste at all to a live shrimp. The shells are soft enough so as not to bother you too much.

I’ve not eaten tarantula and don’t expect to. They sell them in buckets – there are hundreds of them. Where do they find them by the hundreds?

And, since they’ve been deep fried I think they have a dreadfully long shelf-life so I suspect some have been on display for months before being eaten. I’ve not seen Thais’ buy them either. I’ll get some video of people eating them when I go back there in a few months.

I should have a whole section here on edible bugs and animals they eat in Isaan… now that would make for interesting reading and picture gazing…

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