Thai News I’m Jones’in to Onion…

If you haven’t seen “the onion” dot com and you have a
sense of humor at all… and you’re American… or even
from somewhere that would understand the goings on
in that country… you


It’s a sarcastic view of what government and people
are doing there.  It’s not for everyone, but, it’s for me
because I find it funny as all hell everytime I go.

I think they update it about once per week. It has lots
of material and some of it stays up for a month or more
but, besides that it’s good laughs.

Fast forward that concept to Thai goings on.

I think Thailand could make for a VERY funny version
of this web site.  “”  

Now, I may go register this quickly so I beat you
eager entrepreneurs to the idea… or I may let you
have it. I’ve got my ass in a lot of tea right now and
if I start any other web projects, blogs, sites, ebay
ideas I’m going to short-circuit.

There are some FUNNY FUNNY things going on
here in Thailand. We all joke about them – but I
haven’t seen a funny web site or newsletter really
have a go at it and rip the place to pieces.  I know
there are some talented journalists here that
could make it happen.  I may not be the one, but
SOMEBODY could take this place and

Onionize the hell out of it!

Yes, the government is a bit sensitive about things
and it would be wise to analyze this a bit before
jumping in.  Comments about the royal family
would best be left out completely or muted…
ideally they’d be included, but, if you’re living
here like me – you’d fear someone would OUT
you – like Galt did to Stickman.  

If the site was hosted somewhere other than
Thailand that would be better.  If the Thai
authorities caught wind of it – they may ban
it from being shown on the computers here.
They can block by IP address or anything
really – I think proxy servers filter everything.

Just an idea…

Anyone up for it?  thaipulse [[at]]


Author: Vern

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