Tiger Don’t Owe You Shite

I have to admit – I don’t “get it”. Why in the world Tiger Woods went on TV to apologize to someone about what he did… the only apology due is his wife… his family – for farking everything up…

This chart is not mine – it came from: Post Bourgie >

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4 thoughts on “Tiger Don’t Owe You Shite”

  1. Very cute, but that flow chart is missing the following:

    1a) Do you work for any one of the numerous media, charity and/or service organizations that lost income as a result of Tiger Woods’ scandal?
    1b) Were you recently laid off from a position at any one of the numerous media, charity and/or service organizations that lost income as a result of Tiger Woods’ scandal?

    He also owes those people an apology. A big one.

  2. I think it shows kids that all people are fallible… a golf superstar, an evangelical preacher, a monk, a president, and on and on… it shows kids – Don’t get married if you can’t keep it in your pants – you’ll be made the ass of… nobody gets away with it for long.

    It shows kids what the real problems of the world are… your inborn biological needs can totally control you and ef up everything in your social circle, your career, etc. Better to start working on getting control of everything – or, saying “ef it” and letting it run your life.

    The reality is that Tiger is a man like every other man and God, or someone’s great plan – put these strong urges into us. Kids should start thinking about that… better not to grow up with some fairy tale idea of how life is going to be later.

    Tiger is a role model for those that want to be golfers. He’s not a role model for the whole human race for all things moral and good.

    Is there anyone that can be a role model for the human race? I’ve not met her or him yet.

  3. I agree with most of this. Unfortunately, big star atheletes have to use a little caution in their personal lives, as a whole lot of younger people look up to them and want to be just like them, which makes them a role model whether they want to be or not. That’s life, suck it up.

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