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Yeah, SURE the Condom Broke…

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had friends tell me the condom broke. I believed it about the first 6 times I heard that line but when I was about 19 and in the Air Force, EVERYONE was saying the same thing. I said it a couple times too just not wanting to be left out.

Then I started calling BS.

Now if I hear someone say their condom broke I know it’s only because the 3 pack they bought 11 years ago finally saw the light of day and couldn’t handle direct sunlight when they finally unwrapped it.

The guy in this Durex condom video is having way too much fun at the end… I don’t know whether he’s hyperventilating or what – but, he’s carrying on way past the time when blowing was having any more effect. What’s he getting out of this anyway?