Watch Me Eat Horse Pee Egg – a Thai Food Delicacy

I was shocked to find this post this morning – Kai Yiew Ma: Preserved Egg with Horse’s Pee!!!! I could never take watching directly, but I have looked out of the corner of my eye as my lovely wife downed these Horse Pee Eggs… you know, the eggs that are pretty pink on the outside … Continue reading “Watch Me Eat Horse Pee Egg – a Thai Food Delicacy”

Amazing Thai Food by Joy

I’ve had the pleasure of eating the most delicious Thai food on the planet over the last four years. Sure there are good Thai restaurants here – all of them authentic… but, what I’m talking about is “Joy’s Thai Food!”. If we ever move back to the states and she’s up for it – we’ll … Continue reading “Amazing Thai Food by Joy” + Sales Sheet and Blog, – $3,900 USD Includes: domain name paid through 2019 at all posts (610+), pages 3,000+, comments (~1,200) rights to use all images, videos, graphics, mp3s, or other multimedia files found on-site at the server indefinitely as part of (not transferable) and one for are completely setup and … Continue reading “ + Sales Sheet”

Why Move to Thailand?

I’ve spent so much time writing about the good and bad things that go on in Thailand – and I’ve never tried to answer the question – WHY WOULD YOU MOVE TO THAILAND? There are many good reasons. I’ll list them in bullet-point format below… Moving to Thailand may be a good idea if: You … Continue reading “Why Move to Thailand?”

Is Living in Malaysia an Alternative to Thailand?

I had to go to Malaysia for a visa run – Kuala Lumpur, to be exact. I was interested in going since I’d not been yet, and I heard they had better prices than Thailand for electronics. Here is what I liked and didn’t like about KL, Malaysia. What I Liked about Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: … Continue reading “Is Living in Malaysia an Alternative to Thailand?”

Thailand Blogs by Expats

There are a few Thailand blogs that I recommend you read, besides this one of course. Here is a short list of my favorites, and where to find them. If you’re not on this list, it means that I haven’t found you yet – or, that I haven’t remembered your blog. I just had a … Continue reading “Thailand Blogs by Expats”

Video of the Week – 254 Videos to Choose From

Eating Giant Chinese Cockroach! Gross Thai Food Delicacy  186,300 views 3 years ago 1:25 Eating Gross Stuff (Ant Larvae) in Thailand  28,356 views 3 years ago 0:56 Large Spider Thailand!  210,456 views 3 years ago 15:04 Catching BIG Lizard in my Kitchen (Tokay Gecko – Thailand)  130,736 views 1 year ago 5:17 King Cobra Snake … Continue reading “Video of the Week – 254 Videos to Choose From”

Thailand Ebook Prices Cut to $2.99

We cut the prices of all Thailand ebooks to $2.99 – 4.95. Regular prices before were $9.99. You can still get the Buy 2 get 1 FREE and the Buy 3 get 2 FREE deal. So, buy 5 books for less than $10. You can also find most of the ebooks at at … Continue reading “Thailand Ebook Prices Cut to $2.99”

Thailand YouTube Videos

I think I have 199 Thailand videos up at YouTube. Something like 3.4 million views. If you want to go to my YT channel where it’s a nicer way to view them, just click here: Thailand Travel Channel >   7:15 Need Motivation? 71 Year Old is SUPER FIT 301 views 1 week ago 4:11 … Continue reading “Thailand YouTube Videos”