10 Reasons I’m Leaving Thailand

10. Water Issues – we have water only certain days of the week and times of the day. Nobody knows the schedule.

9. Electricity Issues – my UPS (battery) for the desktop computer fried, probably because of fluctuations in the electricity lines that it’s supposed to prevent from hitting my computer. It was 2,500 THB. I don’t want to buy another. So, I’ve been having electrical outages hit all the time now – and it’s gradually farking my operating system as it loses files when shut down. I’ve switched to using the notebook for most computing tasks but every time I turn on the desktop – ZAP! Power out. Files gone. Fun gone.

8. Internet Connection – Unless you’re living in Bangkok and you have 3G – which I’m not sure is more stable there, but I think so – then you are likely on the ADSL cable modems. Internet connections go out when the wind blows and when it rains. Not so nice.

7. Education – not sure I want to raise my daughter here, even in private school. Do you?

6. Out of the Business Loop – I feel like I’m living on another planet than back in the US. It’s very difficult to meet people interested in internet business type things here. I haven’t been to tech trade-shows or conferences in six years now. I feel like I’m missing a lot of the cutting edge stuff – and meeting people involved in cutting edge stuff.

5. Lack of Good Western Food – because I don’t live in Bangkok I don’t get to pay outrageous prices for decent western food. I live with what I’ve got which doesn’t amount to much. The best western food i’ve had here is when my wife cooks tacos, ground beef, and we get jalapenos, cheddar, and taco shells from Makro. I’m dying for a decent pizza, lasagne, Italian bread, sandwich, and grouper sandwich.

4. Need $. I need to make a couple thousand more per month to be happy now that I have a child. That’s easy to do in the states. Given a choice, I don’t want to teach. So, I’ll be hitting the online stuff really hard over the next few months to see what difference I can make.

3. Dengue Fever is Everywhere! There are a lot of diseases to watch out for in Thailand. I’ve had Chikungunra and it’s no picnic. I am STILL feeling the effects of it months later. In the US I know what to look out for… Flu. That’s about it.

2. Bicycling + Dogs = Bad Mix. I love cycling, but my mileage has dropped off the map since moving to Thailand. There are dogs to deal with on any country roads ride, and many in-city rides. Sure I carry a stick, but I’ve faced multiple dogs attacking from different directions. I need 3 sticks.

1. Miss Family. – I realized I haven’t seen my brother and sister’s kids grow up at all. I’m starting to miss being around them. They’re a cool bunch.

Author: Vern

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13 thoughts on “10 Reasons I’m Leaving Thailand”

  1. Hey – I just happened on this site while thinking about doing something similar – a tips/tricks for living cheap in Thailand.

    You may very well be in a gray area in your life, you won’t be happy back in states or here. Both will tug at you.

    Why don’t you just go back for six months. I think that will be long enough for you to know you need to return to Thailand.

    All I can tell you is after 17 years, I’m in Asia. I don’t miss the same things as you but I am tired of the visa nonsense, xenophobic land laws and price rises.

    States in finished. If I were to move back, it would be an off the grid project. I’d work on being as self sufficient as possible.

    Dollar is finished

    1. Nice gmail name… I like that a lot. Yeah, I think I’m done with the USA – but, I have the occasional urge to get back to Hawaii. Keep thinking it’s better for my daughter. I don’t think it is… but, I’d like to have an alternative. Maybe Malaysia? China? lol… I like the idea of self-sufficiency too. Would like to grow our own veggies and fruits here if possible… don’t trust all the people that sell them and spraying pesticides of all sorts. Thanks for your comment. What is your site about Thailand tips?

  2. I agree with your list and have a daughter myself. I did make the move back, for now anyway, but with one crucial difference. I’m from Canada so coming home also means free health care and public education that is second only to a few places like Finland, Denmark and South Korea – some subjects even second place. A much higher human development index basically than the US – which is important if you’re middle classish like it sounds you and I are. Now if you were rich USA all the way, I guess – but for the middle, and especially working classes (over 70%) Canada is hard to stay away from as school age nears….I also would have mentioned the corruption and the pollution – the cheaper food is, you touched on, not really cheaper, I got e-coli in Thailand from a food stall and that cost me a lot in medical bills and it kicked the shit out of me for months, I’m not sure I’m recovered 100% even three years later.

    “Growing pains” is a little too much of the kid gloves treatment for me – they may be facing an outright revolution or civil war – and no wonder, it’s a classic case of a urban elite ruling roughshod over the other 80% who are generally very poor with a small middle class. This would have been called a “communist” revolt during the cold war. It’s interesting how the US is actually standing back and not laying in to hard, what with it’s middle east preoccupation. Lets face it – Taksin would be dead and the Reds crushed into dirt if it was the 1970’s.

  3. Vern, I’ve done my USA time and I won’t again. Not even bombs or armed men at the airport would induce me to a move that drastic.

    I love Thailand. I just don’t love her growing pains.

    1. I like that – growing pains. Though I’ve written 600 things I don’t like about Thailand at this site, I’ve written a couple thousand of things I like. I won’t be leaving until they kick us all out! And, with a new immigration chief heading up the team – we might be facing something bizarre over the next few months if you believe PattayaONE.

  4. I don’t know enough about Thai politics to predict the future. But I do know that Thailand needs to be given the time to sort this out on their own.

    They have a huge job in front of them and it all harks back to their education system.

    Sure, western countries could help with advice but too many do not understand Thailand. Square peg advice won’t fit in round holes.

    Btw – have you seen the latest bomb reports? I was surprised to see so many.


    1. And 40 guys with guns took over a parking zone at the airport? Jeeeeesh!

      The more I critically look at how many things Thailand needs to fix the more I ease back and consider that the USA is worse in many other ways.

  5. I’m in Bangkok so I don’t have the same problems as you do. And I don’t have a child in Thailand – a concern for most any parent worried about education. But the subject of moving from Thailand is a weekly one at my house.

    I’ve been here six years now, limping from one episode of violence to another. What went before never really touched me, even though bombs were going off all around (Big C and Victory Monument). But what happened this year pushed it into overdrive, so seriously looking around is on the agenda.

    1. I hear you… and do you think it will get progressively worse as the years go by? I’m not forecasting peace in this next decade, are you?

  6. I know you’ve been torturing yourself with this question for some time. I have to say that based on the list from yesterday and the list from today it sounds as if you really want to go, at least for a few years. Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s the way it sounds.

    “Should I stay or should I go now…”

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