10 Reasons I’m Not Leaving Thailand

I haven’t done a top 10 in a while. Here are the top reasons I’ve decided to stay in Thailand and not move back to the USA – ever.

10. Coffee! I’ve become used to cheap instant Red Cup Coffee daily now in Thailand for about 5 years. I figure I spent about 2 baht per day on a cup in the morning. I’m not addicted to coffee anymore like I was in the USA because it’s just so damn bad here. 1 nasty cup is enough in Thailand. In the USA at Starbucks and various other designer coffee places I must have been spending over 3,000 Thai Baht per month just on coffee. Good to be rid of that mindset.

9. Hot Weather. Except Hawaii, nothing in the mainland USA compares to this year round hot weather in southern Thailand. I thrive in it – and wouldn’t last even one more Florida winter.

8. Safety. Except for a break-in or two, I’ve thought little about someone breaking into whatever house we’ve lived in Thailand. Oh I have locks all over everything, and some weapons that no Thai has ever seen, but, in the USA (Florida) I used to leave my Glock 9mm on my keyholder inside the door of my house – loaded with hollowpoints. Everytime I went in I’d reach first for the gun. If it was there I’d close the door and check if it was still loaded. Then I’d do a SWAT raid of my own house – checking for intruders. I have this idea that I will never let anyone I love (or me) be killed by an intruder in our house.

7. Wildlife. I’ve got 200+ videos up on YouTube now of fun I’ve had in Thailand. Most of it is because of the endless variety of cool wildlife here – snakes, geckos, spiders, scorpions, centipedes, etc.  In Florida we had snakes. In Hawaii – just the blind snake, not exactly heaps of fun wildlife in Hawaii unless you’re underwater.

6. Time to Write. I have more time to do something I really enjoy – write. In the states there are a lot of extra time-suckers that will eat your free time.

5. Food. My wife JUST brought me my lunch. Tom Yum Bla (with snapper fish!). Fresh straw mushrooms. Bit of tomato. The small purple onions. Man, I would stay in Thailand JUST for the food.

4. Laid Back Life. There are more stressors in the USA that you just don’t even know are stressing you out. Things like worrying about speeding while driving. Things like worrying about paying your 15,000 THB car payment and insurance. Things like making your rent payment on time or paying a % penalty. Things like not ever knowing WTF your cell phone bill means and getting blitzed with charges when they decide to add them all in. Things like a whole lotta stressed out people stressing each other out. Thailand is paradise in comparison.

3. Not Driving a Car. I don’t know how I’ve done it – but I’ve made it without having multiple vehicles to get around. I have 1 motorbike. Wifey has a motorbike. That’s it. I’ve not driven a car for 6 years. Weird to say that because it makes it more real. I’d have never thought it possible before.

2. Thai Time. Nothing is that important that we have to rush. It’s all on a different time schedule. Is this too much like #4? Maybe.

1. Cost of Living. It’s very hard to beat. I’m loving it.

Did I forget anything major? Probably…

Feel free to write your top reasons for staying in Thailand and not returning home…

Author: Vern

I'm an American expat living in Thailand. I like to write informative pieces about life in, living in Thailand, including topics like: Thai People, Thai Culture, Nightlife, Technology, and I have published a lot of photographs, videos, and even books on Thailand that you can find at ThailandeBooks.com. There are many photographs of Thailand here - feel free to share with attribution (a link back to the home page). All written content on this site by Vern Lovic. Contact me at Google+.

4 thoughts on “10 Reasons I’m Not Leaving Thailand”

  1. Hey make up yer mind. You know what I mean, Vern.

    I would never say I will never leave Thailand. I am enjoying life here with my wife but Thailand is not the place it was even a few years ago. USA is my home and helped make me who I am today. It’s not perfect but it is my home. This country hasn’t reached out to accept me as their own so why should I give my heart and total loyalty. They belong to the wife.

    If I can make a better life for us in the US or somewhere else I will do it with no regrets. No matter how long I stay here it is always like 50 First Dates, the movie.

    I have had 15+ visas in 10 years. An american girl marries a Thai man, he has no income or job. She gets a visa no problem I am married with income more than many Thais but always the same.

    My wife applied once for US visa and gets a 10 year visa. I will be a good citizen here but refuse to make a forever committment with no options. I can pay taxes here but not allowed to buy a house or start a business. Does that sound like an unconditional welcome?

  2. Vern,
    How I envy your ability to handle heat.
    Sometime back I took a solo trip around the World
    and after several days in Bangkok left for Nepal
    to cool off.
    I subsequently moved about 20 miles north of Seattle on the water where I really like the climate.

    Given all the political BS that continues to get
    worse in the US, however, I’d like to move to another country, preferably one not under the thumb of the idiots in DC …but haven’t found a climate like here yet.

    1. I’ve been to Vancouver, BC a couple of times and I enjoyed the climate there – summer and early spring. Not sure about winters, though I’ve heard they are mild. You’re only a few clicks from Canada my friend… don’t they have less political BS? What about Alaska? Must be a lot different than contiguous 48, yes?

  3. Hi Vern, Glad to read your top 10 for staying in Thailand. I plan on staying here in the P.I. (except for a trip back to see my Sons and a return to the VA medical care system when I need major repairs). I have to agree that life here is less stress than life in the USA. Best wishes always,Lee

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