30 Day Extension to Thailand Tourist Visa – Process

I couldn’t find any decent information on this online at all – so, here is my experience…

Both articles I found about it – insisted one needed to travel to a specific office in Bangkok to extend the travel visa.

NOT TRUE. I used an immigration office in the south – so I think you can use any immigration center close to you.

1. Get a passport photo, copies of your visa – photo page, tourist visa page, and entry stamps page.
2. Withdraw 1,900 THB from the ATM.

Fill out a paper once there – mine was full front and 25% of back.

Pay, and you’re out the door. At least that’s how it was for me – took about 7 minutes.

You can extend your single or double-entry tourist visa at the end of the first 60 days, so you get 30 more days before you have to exit the country. If you have a double-entry tourist visa you can then exit the country at the end of the first 60 + 30 days and return to Thailand, spend another 60 days – and visit whatever immigration office you’re close to at the time and ask for another 30 day extension for 1,900 THB.

I think it’s up to their discretion whether they give you one – but I haven’t read any reports of tourists not getting the extension approved.

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4 thoughts on “30 Day Extension to Thailand Tourist Visa – Process”

  1. Sorry to bombard your blog- but I’m hooked! This is very helpful. I was told that I would have to travel to Bangkok to get the 30 day extension. So this is much better!

  2. When immigration gives a 30 day extension is the 30 days added from the day you extend or 30 days from the end of the visa?

    1. If you have a single-entry tourist visa – it’s the same thing – if you go on the last day of your visa eligibility. If you have a 2x tourist visa it is added from the day you extend it I guess. Don’t know the particulars. Can only tell you what happened in my case. Without looking to see the dates, I think they just added the 30 days from the day I extended at the immigration office. This was the 1st part of my 2x tourist visa.

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