13 thoughts on “Bank Accounts for Expats or Visitors in Thailand… (Heads up)”

  1. I think you will find that is a particular problem just with Citibank – NOT just Thailand but Asia and possibly wider spread.

    From memory, branches operate independently like a franchise business !!

    I’m not sure how linked they (Citibank) are but I use Kasikorn between BKK and Udon Thani with no problems !

    ps Vern I used moneybookers from Australia to Thailand … it was not the easiest and certainly not the quickest transaction – it took nearly a month because of poor communication – it became very complex with security codes and verification. :-(

  2. Thanks to everyone for your comments – I learned a lot. I think lately I’ve just been down on Thailand because I’m trying to stay afloat online and there are so many things that are inhibiting progress. 1. Consistent internet.
    2. Banking issues.
    3. Fears of censorship.
    4. Fears of having my online accounts hijacked. I change passwords for all accounts about every 3 days now.
    5. Finding a database programmer that is a> honest b> competent c> not backlogged with projects already

    Getting back to bank accounts… Do you know how many accounts I’ve had here over 3 years? Oh man… 11? I think 11. Everytime I change residence, close and open an account. Everytime I lose an atm or have it stolen, close and open a new account. It’s nuts! Everytime I start a job and they want to direct deposit to a certain bank, open another account. I’m sure I have accounts open I’m not aware about anymore.

    PS: anyone use moneybookers?

  3. This is just another reason not to bank with Thai banks. I just take several months income when visiting in the form of travelers checks and cash them when needed. I tried to open a Thai bank account, but the red tape and lack of cooperation was just too much. They obviously don’t want foreigners money in their precious banks.

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