Cut Foot at the Beach and a Helpful Jacka**

Cutting one’s foot at the beach happens often I think…

The last time I sliced my foot open at the beach was when I was trying to out-maneuver some sharp rocks on the way into the water to do some wade-fishing in Florida around Ft. Desoto park. My foot slipped out of my sandal straps and landed on a rock that sliced the bottom of my foot open quick and deep. Stitches? What are those? That’s another scam the doctors use to make themselves feel important and to get some more cash off us.

Today I gave myself a break from 12-16 hour internet days and I headed to the beach early and was swimming in the water by 9:30 am. There were many tourists and despite of that I was having a great time. The scenery was great, the water warm. I went exploring around the side of the hill that met the water and found small caves and some cool places to explore. I climbed the rocks, some of them very sharp, others, the more smooth limestone… I explored for 10 minutes and then found a small hill to climb where I could jump 20 or so feet into the water below…

I jumped and it always seems further when you’re falling through the air. I hit and went deep, but no problem since I jumped for the deep spot I could see. Another guy followed me and he was fine too. As I swam back toward the beach I felt a rock underneath me – and I hit it solidly with the ball of my right foot. I KNEW it was cut as it felt like a good rip.

I took a look by holding it above the water for a second, yep, bleeding. Damn, that cuts the day at the beach quite short, doesn’t it?

As I swam into shore and hopped to my stuff a guy called to me – “What happened?” I told him I just cut my foot on a submerged rock. As I was drying off and pouring fresh water over it, opening it a little bit to make sure the water got in good and rinsed it before I found some hydrogen pyroxide at the pharmacy.

The guy comes up to me and says, “After your’e done rinsing it out you should spray this antiseptic into it”. I looked and he had a small can of it ready. I said, “Wow, you’re prepared.” I was thankful he had some so quickly after I got cut and it seemed like he was a genuinely helpful guy. He said, “Yeah, I’m always prepared. I cut my hand here the other day.” He showed me the healed scar – at least a month old.

He asked how deep it was. I said, not very… about a centimeter. He opened it up with his thumb and forefinger – stinging it a bit, and said, “Oh that’s pretty deep. You’re going to need stitches in that. I’m a nurse.”

I looked at it again, and opened it up myself… It was maybe a centimeter deep and not even 2 inches long.

I’m no stranger to lacerations. I’d had the cheek of my arse ripped open when I was in high school and that was a 3/4 inch deep rip about 9 inches long. I didn’t get stitches for THAT, I was not going to get stitches for this small “abrasion”. In my mind it was a small abrasion… though there was a good amount of blood pouring out of it.

I said, “It’s not that deep… I’m not going to get stitches…”

The guy stands up and in one motion is walking away and says sarcastically and as loud as he can, “OK, have a good day!” and walks away with his life giving staphlococcus killing spray antiseptic bouncing heavily in the plastic bag in his left hand.

What a jackass!

Jackasses that offer suggestions that are not followed think they’ve been slighted for some strange reason. This guy had some kind of issue with people not following his advice. Nurse or whatever he was, he didn’t really want to help because he ‘cared’. He wanted to help to get some respect. When I didn’t show him all the respect he felt he was due, he left without caring at all what happened.

Strange guy, but I’ve met lots of people like this.

Their attempt to help is only to gain respect, not because they actually give a shite about another human being… but they’re unfulfilled as human beings… they look at it as an opportunity to make themselves feel more important and get a small power trip. He wanted to feel important among the group of people that was there today, not feeling important enough already I guess.

To the fat jackass at the beach today… Don’t feign interest in helping others unless you feel it in your soul that you want to help. Nobody needs your half-assed offers that are thinly disguised attempts at making you feel better about your lame self.

Get out of Thailand you PUTZ!

Author: Vern

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6 thoughts on “Cut Foot at the Beach and a Helpful Jacka**”

  1. No never blogged on it and it happened long ago but will be a blog for the future.

    It made Noot a lot more cautious when coming to riding her motorbike. Never leaves the house without her helmet and always wears it now too.

    Yes, on Changkun intersection that goes to the airport. Very nasty. The girl who was oblivosly dead had hit her head on a metal bollard and it made a mess of her head. Not nice.

  2. Man Brunty, you gotta blog that one I don’t think I read it at your site. Where was that in Ubon? Chayangkun? I’ve seen the worst accidents in Isaan. In Surat, maybe I didn’t even see one. In Phuket a couple, Ubon, Udon, Sisaket – wow, some bad ones. Ubon the most though because I spent over a year there.

    thanks for writing that – great comment!

  3. Hey Vern.

    There are plenty of these people around the world and if you don’t listen to them they do get all pissed off and storm off or act like a spoilt child.

    I worked for one of the biggest and best Surf Life Saving Clubs in Australia. Northcliffe Surf Club. I was a training officer and used to teach CPR, First Aid, Defibiltor and so forth to club memebers and also to the public in paid courses.

    The amount of times I had people question things that were being taught to them as they had seen something else on a TV show or read something in a book was amazing and when you dismissed it and said that you were teaching from the latest and updated versions supplied by Surf Life Saving Australia they became offended.

    When told that they had to follow what they were being taught and forget what they seen or heard if they wanted to pass and receive a certificate for the course they would seem dispondent.

    Here in Thailand I was unfortunate to see a very nasty motorcycle crash and three young girls were strewn across the road. One girl was already dead and had a massive head trauma.

    The 5 things you have to follow are D R A B C
    Danger, Response, Airway, Breathing, Circulation.

    The first thing was danger to myself and others and I always check this no matter the situation.

    I quickly priortized the situation in a matter of seconds as one girl was clearly dead another looked unconcious and the other was moving about.

    I went straight to the girl lying face down and not moving and other Thai people had stopped and some young guys tried to roll her over. I screamed stop and told Noot to tell them not to touch her.

    They looked at me bewildered and then started yelling in Thai. I asked her in Thai what her name was, could she hear me, squeeze my hand and so forth and Noot translated. Nothing.

    She didn’t look to have any bleeding from anywhere which was a good sign but I hadn’t done a check on this yet.

    These young guys still wanted to move her and again I told them no and said in Thai I was a doctor “a lie but I hoped it would give me time to assess her.” Noot repeated this in Thai and they backed off.

    I Then looked at her airway this was difficult as of her position and to do this meant putting a finger deep in her mouth to check she hadn’t swallowed her tongue or something else.

    I then had to cheack for breathing and again because of her position this was very hard and getting my ear or cheek near her mouth was near impossible or seeing her chest rise and fall. so I took my eye glasses off and placed the lense right near her mouth and there was a faint fogging of my glass lense.

    She was breathing although very weakly and then I checked for her pulse which I found and was very weak as well.

    So knowing she was breathing and she had a pulse that was the most important thing, now all we could do was monitor her until the paramedics arrived with a spinal board and a neck brace.

    Again people wanted to put her in the back of a truck and rush her to the hospital but I told Noot to tell them not to move her and they were all yelling in Thai. We were in Ubon city and an emergency vehicle shouldn’t have been to far away.

    I stayed knelt over the girl and monotired her and checked her for any major head trauma and also injuries on her body and suprisingly I couldn’t find anything.

    After what seemed an eternity but would have been 5-10 minutes the paramedics arrived and came to take over. I stood back and watched some of the most unprofessional work I had seen. They rolled her onto her back althought be it using good techniques to isolate the neck, the neck brace should have been put on her in the original position she was in. They didn’t put the spinal board against her so she would have been rolled onto it and then could have been immobilized and strapped to it.

    So they had to move her again after putting the neck brace on her. She was still unconcious through all this but still had a pulse and breathing.

    I only watched for a little bit and then left as I couldn’t watch all the things they were doing that could either end her life or make her a paraplegic for the rest of it.

    After this Noot was in shock, as it was a horrible scene for someone who hasn’t been trained for this. Noot was very quiet for a few days and wanted to go to the hospital to see if the girl was alright.

    We did attend the hospital and the girl had been checked out after only 2 and a half days in hospital as she was extremelly lucky to only have suffered a severe concussion.

    This wasn’t the end of it there but it could be a long blog one day.

    Some people think they know the best even when their intentions are good but their actions could prove deadly.

    I have been in sitauations like this where I could have yelled at the paramedics to do this and that but that wasn’t my position as they are meant to be trained professionals.

    The guy you met sounds like a dick and he should have just simply said “okay mate, hope you are okay and do you want somne help getting off the beach and that’s it”

    Plenty of people like that in the world.


  4. Hi Line, Yeah, see – many people cut their feet at the beach! Once I stepped on a stingray tail while fishing that cut my foot just a little bit, but my god, the pain was so fierce like someone holding a lighter to my foot! The chemical in the stingray is so nasty! There are lots of submerged rocks in Thailand in the shallows, though I think not much coral. Usually I’m ok if I hit a rock under the water, but this one today was not playing with me! I might go get some stitches just to make you and the nurse happy. LOL. Thanks for writing! Vern

  5. Auch, that doesn’t seem nice. Neither the cut nor the offended nurse. *lol*

    I cut my foot in Koh Pha Ngan some years ago, and in Hua Hin too. When I go swimming in Denmark, it’s usually on the west coast, so there’s nothing but sandy beaches. :D
    (only this year, there were only weather for beaches like two or three days. It’s in the end of bloody Juli, and the temperature’s 16 degrees celcious. *grr*)

    Well, I hope your foot gets better. (and maybe you should get someone to stich it up, just in case ;)

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