Driving During the Holidays, Thai Attitudes…

Just like Americans – I guess Thais are stressed during the holidays. I’ve had more rude interactions with Thais in the last week than I’ve had in a year. Mostly it involves cutting me off while driving – they’re in a car or truck and speeding up from 10 meters behind me to make a left hand turn in front of me and cutting me off.

I’ve also had an air container taken from me by a 60 year old – as I was using it – he must’ve been drunk… but the entire truck of people that watched him do it thought for sure I was going to lose it with him… I didn’t… but I remember his face exactly, every wrinkle… the stupid way he twists his mouth as if he’s chewing something – but, must just be his unique and strange expression.

Last night it was 3 guys on a motorbike that cut me off initially as I was making a left they jumped in front of me… then I must have somehow got caught between two motorbikes full of assholes because the one in back of me with two guys on it after the first one cut me off, thought that I was intentionally trying to get in his way. He must have… he pulled in front of me and locked up the brakes on the motorbike, skidding in front of me. I didn’t have time to react – and yet he was going fast enough that I didn’t plow into him.

When someone puts me in danger, and my g/f – it tends to amp me up a bit. I briefly considered pulling next to the two and running them off the road into the crowd of gwit diao soup eaters… but, I kept my cool because my g/f was on the back. I got the license number and I’ll wait patiently for karma to come around… and when it does, and where there aren’t 4 other guys to help him I’ll put a stick to the back of his head – Thai style.


Happy holidays! Be careful driving…

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