Got Worms? Get FUG a Worm.

Every few months it’s a good idea to do some preventative maintenance on the old small intestine / colon.

Apparently there are tape worms that hide in pork, beef, fish, and other stuff. If you eat undercooked food – you can (and probably do) have roundworms and or tapeworms in your body. These things can live 20-30 years inside you. Some tapeworms are 39 feet long. That’s not a misprint.

Some worms can burrow into your brain and kill you. Some just liquify parts of your intestinal wall by injecting a substance that melts it. They then suck it up like soup. I’m not making this stuff up. Check out the link at the bottom of the page for some real horrorshow info about these things.

If you eat Som Tam bla-rah (fermented paste) – with crab (bpoo) or fish (bpla) you likely have a small infestation of worms living inside you. It’s natural.

Find a pharmacy every few months and chew up one of these tablets just in case. I do it religiously just to make me stop thinking about worms crawling around inside me.

One pill is just 35 baht. It’s named FUG a Car. “Fug a Worm” would be funnier.




Another link on worms with a ton of information ->

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  1. You are the best, I’m moving to thailand and have been before and have stomach issues ever since, I take clarkia but it just isnt clearing up the gas. thanks bro!

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