Is Thailand Safe – 2009 – 2010 Season?

Is Thailand Safe for the 2009-2010 Season?

Tourist season is in full swing – and it’s not that swinging yet. I wonder what the outside interpretation of Thailand as a safe place to visit in 2009-2010 is…

From inside the country – it’s business as usual. The violence from the deep south has yet to spread to other provinces, and Prime Minister Abhisit seems to even be entertaining the idea of giving autonomy to those that are killing for it. Probably that would be a great way to have the country rally behind him as prime minister. Well, more people than are now.

Thailand always seems safe from the inside. I don’t know any tourists or resident expats that are nervous about going out and enjoying whatever city they happen to be in. I know a number of people in Bangkok and nobody has mentioned anything to me about not feeling safe in Bangkok or Thailand as a whole.

From outside the country the violence that stopped months ago seems still fresh in their minds. The news of your home country probably replayed it over and over – maybe more so than here in Thailand as they don’t like to scare the tourists that are in the country.

I haven’t heard about any new updates at the foreign embassies calling now an unsafe time to visit Thailand.

Things are rather stable at the moment – at least all appearances are that. The country is waiting on good things from Abhisit. Thaksin’s contingent is not all that patient and really would love to usher in another Thaksin Prime Minister era. I really believe we’ll get there within a year. He’ll return and do a hell of a job this time – hopefully without corruption since there will be a serious need for transparency if he does make it back into office.

Is Thailand unsafe for this tourist season?

I’ll say what I usually say when I write one of these safe/unsafe articles about Thailand…

Today Thailand appears pretty safe. You can come and visit and have a blast. You can stay in Bangkok and where ever you like in the entire country except the deep southern provinces.

In a week – who knows if Thailand will be safe or not? Nobody knows. I can guess that we’re going to have a safe couple months as this tourist season gets up and running and passes.

After that? No idea how safe Thailand will be at that point. Ask me then…

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  1. P.S. The Thai Black Book, Thailand Survival Guide is a book well worth reading if your coming to Thailand, and if your already here, or have been here for awhile, it’s worth reading anyway to kind of reminding you of things forgotten… Especially the parts about driving in Thailand. And believe me, driving in Thailand is a real eye opening experience. Something you will never see in Omaha, Nebraska… :-)

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