Teacher Fired for Blogging in Bangkok

Teacher fired in Bangkok for blogging about things unrelated to her job.

Rather than repeat the story and steal her thunder, I’ll just point you over to her blog. She is a Filipina girl that just got her first job in Bangkok and was quickly fired from it after her employer read some of her blog posts.

The firing had NOTHING to do with her performance at work, but the fear that she would write in-depth posts about her workplace in the FUTURE. Not even the present – the fear of it for the future…

So, here is her story, her writing is absolutely incredible. Her command of the language is admirable and the way she presents things is just how I like to see it… I could read her blog all day!

See if you like it…

Oh, she’s also looking for work obviously, so if you have a writing job or maybe a teaching job for her that’d be great!

Iris is on Fire >

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4 thoughts on “Teacher Fired for Blogging in Bangkok”

    1. lol – I thought you saw this when it came out – sometimes I don’t think to let someone know… sometimes it’s better they findi it on their own later… :)

  1. hola, just saw your comment, and gjeeze I have a reader! *lol*
    Thnx :)

    As for your questions.
    Yes it is cold up here. When it actually was supposed to be summer weather today (say for example 30 degrees celcious) it was pouring cats and dogs all day as I have only seen during monsoon in Thailand. *sigh*

    Other than that, I was born and raised in Denmark, still live here but must escape at some point. (But I’ll stay put until they figure out that nice little political situation they have going on in Thailand right now). And I do speak thai. Some at least.

    Will go take a look at both linked blogs!
    Have a good weekend!


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