Update on Foot NO STITCHES needed

Foot cut, no stitches needed

Well – the foot crevass has closed up nicely and I’m happy to say that the idiot at the beach that was a nurse didn’t know what he was talking about. He should quit nursing and become a chef – he already went 290 or so.

The yellow is NOT fungus – I took care of it with betadine

I poured some Hydrogen Peroxide solution over it and it bubbled up like it’s supposed to.
There’s always the chance of infection, but after I cut it I rinsed it with two big bottles of water and jammed lots of antiseptic cut cream in there. I covered the area in Betadine and that usually does it for me.

I did find a trick to when you have a cut and you’re thinking that it hurts too badly to get in there deep with your cotton swab (cotton bat, Q-tip) and swab around the hydrogen peroxide, antiseptic cream, or whatever it is you’re trying to get into the cut.

Get ready with your cotton swab and have someone else pour the hydrogen peroxide into the cut. Your thumb and forefinger are spreading the cut open. Now, there’s a certain distance you can spread before your mind makes you stop – usually it’s at the first hint of pain.

BUT, here’s the secret…

Close your eyes and spread that cut until you feel pain – and then spread it some more – as the pain doesn’t really get much worse – it just continues. Even when you jam the cotton swab inside it – there’s just so much pain that it causes and that’s it – better to get it in there good and clean it out, yes?

Try it next time.

There’s always a next time. For me anyway.

How many times have you people cut your feet over your lifetime?

Me – about 8 times I think. I think that’s normal for an active person. Yes?


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7 thoughts on “Update on Foot NO STITCHES needed”

  1. Gary I know that was you hiding behind that anonymous comment! You’ll be happy to know I’m all healed up. Should be running in a day or two…

    Thanks issarat!


  2. Vern, vern, vern…
    I like your rough and anything goes lifestyle, but cmon, spend a few bahts and go have the doctor do it. Less hassle, and you won’t have to gross anyone out…

  3. Lol – it’s not that nasty – I didn’t want to send the gross pics – I debated… but didn’t want anyone to flag the blog! It’s just about healed line I think I’ll be running in another few days.

    Brunty – yeah, really! We’re all in good company Jason… don’t you worry your pretty self… lol. Vern

  4. Uhh good that it worked out alright. I could never do that, I’m a sissy. I hope it heals fast! :)

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