Accidents in Thailand? Get Away from the Street!

I watched a youtube video of a traffic accident from Bangkok, Thailand not long ago.

Thailand Car Accident Video at Youtube – amazing footage…

Someone was filming the aftermath of an accident at night when there was another accident as someone ran directly into the pickup truck that was taking away the wrecked motorbike in the first accident. More people were hit (killed?) the vehicle hit hard and more people were needlessly hurt.

Yesterday I was riding the motorbike and saw a truck run up over the median, knock over a tree, and spin around to face oncoming traffic where another car hit it. The woman, her leg injured, got out of the truck and hobbled across the street to get help.

I sat and watched for a second from the side of the road away from the traffic that was building up. Many people were standing on the street to see it. Cars were slowing down… Then a huge double dumptruck came flying up the road – oblivious to what was going on – as they usually are. He beeped his horn as if he expected the stalled truck to get out of his way. He then ran directly into the truck, smashing the hell out of it and almost flipping it on it’s side. What was originally a couple thousand dollars in damage (usd) was now an absolutely totaled truck – $25,000 total loss.

Amazing drivers here in Thailand. Be careful, get AWAY from whatever accident you see because there may be another one shortly. If you’re too close – you might become part of it.

How can you stay safe in Thailand?

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  1. Driving in Thailand is quite dangerous. Sometimes, even though you drive carefully and comply with the rules, other drivers somehow don’t think the same; some just drive straight in front of you, but not all of them though. Many Thais were killed on the road. I lost some of my friends as a consequence of their reckless driving.

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