Australian Travel Agent – a 60 Year Old Woman Stabbed in Heart in Bag Snatch – Phuket

A very unfortunate incident just happened in Phuket… a 60 year old travel agent from Australia was with a group of 9 others, on a tour… and had thugs try to snatch her bag. One stabbed her in the heart and she died.

Full story:

Australian travel agent stabbed to death in Thailand

Author: Vern

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One thought on “Australian Travel Agent – a 60 Year Old Woman Stabbed in Heart in Bag Snatch – Phuket”

  1. It looks like killing tourists in Phuket is almost a daily affair.
    I was also surprised about some of the comments from the others in the group:

    The women are determined not to let the tragedy of last night ruin their long-planned holiday. “We read about drink-spiking in Bali and decided to come to Phuket instead.”

    Her mother added: “These things can happen in Parramatta Road. We just feel so sorry for the poor woman. But it’s hard to blame Phuket.”

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