Thailand Scam – Farang and Thais Team Up to Scam Thai Girl

Here’s a new take on things…

Thais scam Thais all the time. I have another scam story I’ll do a video about for another time. My Thai friend lost over 1,200,000 baht to a well-planned scam.

Thais scam farangs – often. Farangs scam farangs – often. Sometimes even farangs scam Thais.

This video is about a scam by some Thais and farang – a partnership type deal, that is going on in Udonthani – and probably other places in Thailand, but in Udon it would work particularly well. The video tells why numerous girls are losing 100,000 THB at a time in Udon.

Author: Vern

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3 thoughts on “Thailand Scam – Farang and Thais Team Up to Scam Thai Girl”

  1. At least 80% of would be thai girlfriends are scammers they will bleed you dry of cash with all the i love you handsome man shit they come out with. yes i have been scammed and yes i am bitter and twisted about it especially as i went there with good intentions. its about time they had a taste of their own medicine and maybe word will get around that farrang men may not be as rich as they think which will probably help both sides in the future. i for one will never look at a thai woman again. Western women may be fat and ugly and full of attitude but mostly you know where you stand with them.

    1. 80% is way high… are you saying that 80% of the female population in Thailand would be trying to trick a guy out of all his cash? I’d say 10-15%. About same in the USA maybe.

  2. That’s pretty screwed up. Something like that is enough to ruin a poor Thai girls life. People who profit from the naivety and trust of others are the lowest form of trash.

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