Buying a Truck in Thailand

I hate to generalize – but, what I’ve learned over some years now is that Thais don’t take care of their stuff. Overall. Most Thais I guess I would even say. They don’t seem to have an appreciation for keeping their own stuff in good condition. Worse, they don’t take care of other people’s things. I don’t lend anything out anymore. Nothing. Not even ping-pong balls. Not paddles, badminton racquets, vehicles – none of it – it all goes immediately to hell when I do.

I keep my stuff nice. I hate to see it abused because I myself don’t even abuse it.

Anyway – this is about buying a truck in Thailand.

I have looked at about 35 trucks in the last few days. I have found exactly 2 that didn’t have the interior either destroyed – or looking like a troupe of 6 year olds drove the thing for 3 years.

Anybody have the same experience?

Another thing is – nearly all the trucks I looked at were from these roadside truck places that sell used vehicles. Nearly all of them had been wrecked. Some of them really badly… and fixed up.

I’m starting to wonder if we’ll find a decent truck to buy. We may just hang on to find a foreigner that wants to sell their truck.

Do you have a Toyota Higo Vigo or whatever the hell they’re called – and want to sell it? We’d like the 2 door with King Cab type. Interior – not grey. Up to 120,000 km OK.

Author: Vern

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2 thoughts on “Buying a Truck in Thailand”

  1. In the west, repair cost is so high that it’s not economical to keep older vehicles. In Thailand, labor is so cheap, anything can be fixed up on the cheap, even rebuilding the engine. So why would anyone sell their vehicle since it’s so cheap to fix? Only when it’s totally beaten up beyond repair. Thus, the destroyed interior. That’s my theory.

  2. Must be why Golf is opposed to buying used, I think she is well aware of the typical upkeep of cars and trucks by her countrymen.

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