Chikungunya is Solidly Kicking My Ass

You know how, when you get the flu, you feel really weak for a couple days?

Imagine getting really weak for 6 weeks. That’s how long I’ve felt like mud.

Now, imagine not knowing how long it will continue…

Imagine if the weakness lasted for a year. Get bitten by a mosquito infected with Chikungunya and the agony can last a year or longer.

Besides having the flu – I’ve not been weak for more than a day at any other time in my entire life except after riding a bike 80 miles or hiking up some of the peaks on Oahu and Maui. It’s really hard to get used to – and getting used to it is necessary because it may not go anytime soon.

A year of this? I’ve been trying to do everything I do anyway and just ignore when I feel like going to sleep, it doesn’t do any good to sleep anyway. I wake up and feel just the same as I did before – weak like I should dig a hole and just crawl in.

Muscle soreness and joint pains with Chikungunya go right along with zapping your energy. I feel like I’m 80 years old with bad arthritis.

Now, imagine having cancer or something else that sucks the energy out of you – not for a year, but for the rest of your life… however long it is until the cancer kills you. Not a real nice way to go, but I’d take it over death by amoebas any day.

Anybody know a Chikungunya support group?


Author: Vern

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3 thoughts on “Chikungunya is Solidly Kicking My Ass”

  1. hey vern i have to say great website.ive been following it for a few months and its great advice and good video,s.i have booked a trip to thailand with my brother and two mates for the start of june till the start of july.its my first trip and im really looking forward to it but i know any unfamilar place can be dodgy and dangerous.i was wondering if you could give me any advice or tips on having a safe trip and hopefully not getting ripped off.i also hope you get get better soon that flu sounds from dublin by the way and im 20 in the youngest going and hope we have a save trip.thanks a million and once again great site mate

  2. As i said before all you can do is medicate to be comfortable and wait it out like we did. That god when you better you can’t get it again. I’ve had colon cancer, ok now, but i think your right this is a lot worse pain wise.

    1. You had colon cancer and Chinkungunya was worse than that? Wow. That’s saying something I think. Anything to do with colon and I imagine great heaps of pain.

      Lately I’ve been eating the paracet and drinking an extra cup of instant coffee each day. I think that’s making me feel more alive. It’s really the lack of energy – dragging – that’s killing me most I think. The pain is something that is a bummer, but hasn’t slowed me down much.

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